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Handkerchief of beautiful Mu Si nots Er big public house
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Pafuer is big the hotel is enterprise of directly under of bureau of course of study of report of beautiful Mu Si. It is located in Chang'an road middle, side of culture palace north, border with photograph of mansion of business of post and telecommunications office, China couplet, shop convenient.
Pafuer is big hotel total floor area 4000 square metre, modelling is chic, decoration elegance, establishment is all ready, tall, medium, cheap photograph is united in wedlock, it is collect guest room, meal, conference, recreation and the omnibus big public house that wash bath to be an organic whole. Have presidential flatlet 3, standard guest room 12, in all 79 pieces of bed. Big, medium, small-sized assembly room can accommodate 200 more than person to attend a meeting. Dining hall and KTV bag room are decorated chic, style each different, can offer cate of north and south, characteristic farmhouse dish and quite welcome Guangdong bittern, burn dried meat, powdery bowel, fume sauce to wait a moment. Still can hold banquet of large party, organization, buffet, buffet meeting and musical bender. Big public house still is set beautify hair hairdressing hall and washhouse, the project such as free check. Big public house still can think accommodation guest does sth for sb plane, train and ship ticket.

Phone: 0454-8292634

Contact an address: Beautiful Mu Sichang brings a way 526

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