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Big public house of beautiful Mu Si
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BeautifulThe downtown of Harbin of ─ of ─ glacial a city that Mu Si big public house reposes at beauty, it is accommodation of a collect, meal, peace and happiness the SamSung class hotel at an organic whole. Have of all kinds guest room 115. Dining-room of the business affairs center, center that wash bath, bar, banqueting hall, characteristic, bazaar, KTV includes a house, the parking lot also everything needed is ready.
BeautifulMu Si big public house is your travel sightseeing, business affairs negotiates, go out shopping good land.
Mu Si is big hotel general with top-ranking management, serve respectful Hou first-rate your presence.
Address: Area of the hillock austral Harbin city east big straight market 302
Phone: 0451-3660158
Hotel of building of bright moon of new urban district
Address: The road austral beautiful wood Si Xiangyang 101

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