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Raise employee to respect course of study to spend 10 ways
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Does your employee organize a target to there is much investment to helping a company come true? The enthusiasm in the process that they achieve these goals in pursuit how? If your circumstance is like present most company same, so course of study is respected to spend a respect in employee, you face particular challenge.
The spirit respecting property that evaluates employee needs from measure the following proceed with of 5 important characteristics:
Contented feeling -- the employee that expectation is able to realize has contented feeling most. The these expectation and their job, immediate boss that is in organization and them is concerned. The stuff that has contented feeling won't have frustrate feeling in the process in pursuit individual target.
Understand -- the happiness that what the employee that respects property cares is oneself not only and contented. The stuff that has height to respect spirit of course of study is mixed to the strategic direction of the company target the understanding of Dou Youqing Hunan.
Contribution -- this one characteristic is compared " understanding " further. The employee that respects property has deep knowledge to the strategic direction of the company not only, of the strategy of labour oppose company that also understands oneself at the same time carry out and have what kind of direct connection successfully.
Consistent -- the employee that respects property can feel the value of his individual value and company and mission are to agree. The Weientu that uses two circle comes the word of signal, if a circle represents individual end, another represents company end, so these two circle can have measurable coincide.
Employee reservation is led -- unlike is other characteristic, this is exterior measure a level. However employee reservation rate also is a when evaluate employee to respect spirit of course of study important measure. Of course, can have such state: Most the employee abdication that respects property, and the employee of those dawdle is going back on his word not to go (the distress that this often is a company) . Nevertheless, reservation rate also is a when measure employee to respect spirit of course of study important level.
This 5 big characteristics are the comprehensive description that respects spirit of course of study to employee, what the enterprise should make clear is the most important is, when evaluating employee to respect spirit of course of study, want balanced consideration this at 5 o'clock, cannot attend to one thing and lose another. Consult only among them any index cannot have comprehensive knowledge to employee. With " contented feeling " is exemple, a large number of example make clear, if do not rise integratedly with the result that expectation produces,consider, contented feeling may not be the strong index that measures higher performance.
In a large production company, the contented sense of employee is too strong, but respect course of study to spend very low however. Complacent atmosphere is enveloping a company. The company grows strong is a good news originally, also generated complacent sentiment however this one by-product. Company high level, include CEO to be in for the problem that too complacent employee creates to the company concern. The president of the company says: "We should gain a success, must remind employee to cannot have complacent sentiment ceaselessly, this is one of the mainest businesses that we should do. We had had some beyond the mark and complacent. Employee must accept a such facts: Although we already very successful, to hold a dominant position, continue to change and be improved even. Continue to change and be improved even..
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