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Manpower resource runs the informatization application in restaurant course of s
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Informatization times has come, the swift and violent development of computer technology and Internet technology already made the management kind of the enterprise happened substantially change. As main service type business, the administrative mode of restaurant course of study happened below network environment more of nature change, this changed to also produce major effect to manpower resource management and development.
Some closer year come, enterprise of restaurant course of study (include hotel, cafeteria to wait) growth of amount, dimensions is very rapid, especially in guesthouse of high-grade star class, should consume the promotion of the concept as the growth of travel economy, average per capita more, and of standard of living of average per capita rise and be able to develop adequately, this causes company of restaurant course of study taller and taller to employee amount and quality requirement. How to seek right talented person for enterprise of restaurant course of study, and tarry talent, development talent, retain driving vitality and competition ability for the organization, provide strong manpower support, already made the main task that administrator of high level of enterprise of restaurant course of study and manpower resource branch face.
Flow of traditional human affairs management makes the manpower resource branch of enterprise of restaurant course of study needs to cost many time to process data of human affairs information, only remnant a few time is dedicated the development at manpower resource and program. And the administrative system of informatization can help enterprise of restaurant course of study effectively reduce administrative cost, improve administrative efficiency. The modern society that mode develops quickly runs in manpower resource, if powerful manpower resource runs neither one system, manpower resource branch will not face much information leisurely, also cannot come out extraction of among them important information effectively, make accordingly judgement and processing. Restaurant course of study of business management layer decision-making can according to a few simple report forms, using up a large number of manpower, material resources while cannot accomplish real time monitoring however, assure the accuracy of data and seasonable sex hard, cannot satisfy restaurant management layer to ask higher to what manpower resource branch puts forward more.
So, what is manpower resource informatization? Say from narrow sense, manpower resource informatization is to point to those who be based on Internet, the manpower resource of high automation supervises the work, include most the flow of manpower resource job of core, if invite applications for a job, firewood proposes a toast,manage, groom etc. Say from broad sense, manpower resource informatization is the total that all electrons that are based on concept of electronic business affairs spend manpower resource to supervise the work, include to use company in-house net and other electron method, the manpower resource that waits like employee call center supervises the work.
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