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How does hotel invite applications for a job innovate
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The hotel is when talent of invite applications for a job, to avoid to admit the applicant that does not suit, general metropolis has a test before recruit. Be like error of invite applications for a job, the person that lets do not suit enters a public house, he not only cannot contribute oneself, return the employee performance that can affect hotel whole, indirect or what attack a hotel forthrightly is right appearance elephant. Accordingly, pick a talented person effectively, already made a of the controller in the hotel main task.
According to the characteristic of post of place invite applications for a job, use the evaluation tool of a few science selectively in interview, if psychological test, temperament is mixed,imitate of analysis of disposition evaluation, case, scene, group discusses etc. The result that these evaluation get cannot serve as final employ very basis, but can regard employ as decision-making referenced information. Hangzhou opened yuan of invite applications for a job of several break fresh ground that big public house holds the name to be able to show the innovation invite applications for a job that its show originality is politic. The means of invite applications for a job of the type criticizing a capacity that innovates through these, game type, those who drew more and outstanding talented person participate in, let applied for personnel to experience hotel invite applications for a job square rich enterprise culture and solid culture inside information.
Let invite applications for a job make the activity of interactive sex
Interactive sex can make to apply for a job person with invite applications for a job person the direct communication chance between increases greatly. Why to let applicant attend a simple test, whether they know this position or to whether they know this position or have the technical ability that is engaged in this position place needing in order to decide?
It is to leave below yuan big public house is in the name the on-the-spot activity when salesperson of invite applications for a job: Applicant discharges tens of names, let its take out 1-20 each yuan the aleatoric pocket money between, take go up in the hand, in next 3 minutes (inspect a number how many general 50 people) , see the person is changed (be like with driving background music " destiny " wait for) , applicant is asked to sit when music stops. Personnel of invite applications for a job quizs: How many person earns excuse me? How many to earn? Compensate of how many person is there? Compensate how many?
In this activity, what need clarifies is: You have what kind of idea to be able to have what kind of result. Because of somebody of regular in this activity meeting gain money, deficient money of somebody of regular also meeting. The experience is: Because everybody is in,won't think more commonly, it is completely by subconscious playing game, can see applicant is right from which each different of the state of mind of life. This is to make its right not just the experience of profitable idea, still can realize build human relation, organization harmonious, incentive team member is waited a moment...
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