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Charcoal of bamboo of the city that make prosperous limited company
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Company brief introduction

The company is founded 1996, it is the industry bibcock company that one furniture has more large-scale major to produce bamboo charcoal product. Manufacturer area covers an area of a face to accumulate 13500 much square metre. Via the joint efforts of faculty, the company already developed new product early or late 27, already won national patent among them 15, achievement of science and technology of charcoal course of study 6, bamboo charcoal and bamboo charcoal series are produced numerous melt form Quot; spark plans ” , two products all had the honor to win mattess of bamboo charcoal health care and charcoal cloth 2001;2002 of gold prize of ” of Fair of product of Zhu Teng of " China International year Zhu Tanjian health things has the honor to win gold prize of ” of exposition of new technology of " China patent. The company has a product self-supporting imports and exports counterpoises, pass ISO9001:2000 international quality manages systematic attestation, bamboo charcoal product took the lead in registering the country of origin with accepted international to protect number in course of study of countrywide person of the same trade. Our company already formed handicraft of fluid of vinegar of bamboo charcoal, bamboo, charcoal, Zhu Tanjian at present the batch of 200 many breed produces the 10 old series such as paper of charcoal of cloth of health things, charcoal process capability, the product sells as far as to Japan and southeast Asia area, get the favour of broad consumer. The company acts on " to be with the person this, quality the first, credit is consummate the tenet of ” , wish to cooperate with good faith of all circles colleague, develop big market of charcoal course of study hand in hand.

Product / service

Charcoal of bamboo of; of cushion for leaning on of cushion of charcoal of; of paper of charcoal of cloth of charcoal of; of things of health of charcoal of bamboo of; of handicraft of charcoal of bamboo of; of fluid of vinegar of bedding; bamboo hangs bamboo charcoal act the role of; to purify Zhu Tanmei of; of toy of charcoal of bamboo of the; that use charcoal to allow beautiful skin to taste; Zhu Tanli

Advocate battalion industry

; of bamboo of family expenses of; of bedding of; of furniture of hotel of clean appliance; , wood lives in; of things of baby of things representative;

Connect a telephone call: 0374-866

Fax (FAX):86-0374-866

Address: Gentle and serene stir-fry before stewing of coerce of  of Yu  Hang Yu why Gu?461000)


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