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Be stationed in square of life of equestrian inn beautiful couplet
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Square of beautiful couplet life is located in commerce of the inn that be stationed in a horse middle of highway of flourishing center happy hill, business area is close 20000 square metre, employee 500 much people, commodity breed exceeds 50000 kinds. Square of beautiful couplet life is collect shops, the supermarket of muti_function, all-around omnibus general merchandise that recreation, recreational, meal is an organic whole, it is the omnibus shopping square with the largest store that be stationed in a horse.

Square of beautiful couplet life divides a layer to do business: One is house of high-quality goods vogue, basically run gold gem, hairdressing is raised colour, brand daughter is installed, famous brand men's clothing, sprotswear, box wrapping is provided, leather shoes of male and female, western-style snack. 2 buildings are house of common people life, basically run food giving birth to delicacy, quick frozen food, smoke wine non-staple food, pour tone drink, candied jelly, biscuit confect, preserved fruit dried food, flavor condiment, recreational food, peng changes provision, tea tea art. Three-layer exceeds a house to reside a put together, basically manage clean catharsis, beautify hair protect skin, toothpaste tooth brush, style things, kitchen things, plastic products, ceramic, lamp of lamps and lanterns is acted the role of, hardware electric materials and appliances, sound of books of size home appliance resembles, children toy, special offer dress.

Square of beautiful couplet life pursues life of common people of “ press close to all the time, lead consumption style, everything for the client, for the management concept of all client ” , with “ the service is not had border be restricted, dare be the world first the management guiding principle of ” , course of executive high-quality goods, low strategy, ensure consumer enjoys quality reliable, price material benefit, the commodity with rich variety. ” of “ client satisfaction is our top level, also be the acceptance of the person that offset of beautiful couplet person is expended and aspirations. Beautiful couplet person with more strenuous spirit, more assiduous enthusiasm goes hard, give beauty for social dedication ceaselessly, dedication goes out wonderful. Choose beautiful couplet, good life is close be linked together. Square of beautiful couplet life with top-ranking environment, top-ranking commodity, high-class service makes what you experience the life wonderful.

Square of beautiful couplet life leads the life style

Postcode: 463000

Seat: Henan is stationed in equestrian inn to be stationed in equestrian inn

Street address: Square of life of beautiful couplet of the inn that be stationed in a horse (middle of happy hill road)


Network address: Http://


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