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Unseal limited company of commerce of city rainbow embroider
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China unseals limited company of commerce of embroider of rainbow of brief introduction of limited company of rainbow embroider commerce is located in province of China's famous Henan of 7 face ancient capital to unseal developing zone of city economy technology, the environment is beautiful, communication is easy. The company is the share-holding system that treatment of a collect, production, commerce is an organic whole medium-sized company, have self-supporting exit right, its are main the product is tasted for drawwork embroider, bedding and other home spin company of things $ embroider to already old production manages practice experience, equipment is advanced, technical force is abundant, have embroider of embroider of computer plate making, computer, machine, cut into parts cut, suture, iron very hot wait for all sorts of mechanical equipment more than 100. Pay attention to product development and innovation, use new product of research and development of new technology, new technology, new material ceaselessly, in order to get used to the market and client demand, the company is major direct or the product is indirect sell country and the area such as past Europe, beautiful, day, Han. The company emphasizes the quality, production that negotiates credit to manage a concept originally, cordial welcome is domestic and international travelling merchant bearer will case ask is visited negotiate, mutually beneficial mutual benefit seeks progress in all.

Advocate battalion limits: . .

Address: Unseal Han Xinglu of city developing zone 2

Contact: Ren Gang

Phone: 86-0378-3853453

Mobile phone: 13503788299

Fax: 86-0378-3853453


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