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Unseal embroider of city gold phoenix tastes limited company
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Henan unseals the factory that embroider of city gold phoenix tastes limited company is product of professional production management drawwork. Have manufacturing worker 600 much people. Fixed assets 10 million yuan, have 500 embroider machine. Main product type has: Embroider of  ? hand, 100 belts beautiful, crochet hook, subsidize a flower, printing, the flower that bake. The product basically has: ú ? dish mat, sheet, bedspread, apron, cushion for leaning on, curtain, pillowcase, printing kitchen things, embroider dress, bedding.

My company is China International chamber of commerce, chinese commerce promotes the member plant of committee, also be the member factory of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of Chinese spin handicraft. Self-supporting imports and exports counterpoises, weigh credit, defend a contract, the friend that welcomes world each district and my company cooperate!

Advocate battalion product / industry: ; of bedspread of; of apron of; of cushion for leaning on of; of quilt of; of tablecloth; sheet is overspread; of pillowcase of; curtain; dish mat; Arabia sleeps gown;

Address: Henan unseals city Wei Dou road 1

Zhang Yi east gentleman (assistant manager)

Connect a telephone call: 0378---3368486


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