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Unseal Xin amounts to fur goods limited company
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Open wrappage wool factory to built go into operation 1969, manufacturing sheep cuts goods of cloth with soft nap to export abroad. Entire plant covers an area of a face to accumulate 52 mus, fixed assets 12.7 million yuan.

By the Yang Jianrong that produces a few pattern goods work up went to what can produce all sorts of norms to dig blanket of beautiful back of a chair, bed, arras to wait for goods of medium, high-grade Yang Jianrong 1971. Hind the port such as classics Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai sells market of country and the Hong Kong such as past Japan, Germany, England, Spain, Macao.

Province of the Henan after 81 years builds Yang Jianrong warehouse in this factory, save 20 many sheep to cut manufacturer of goods of cloth with soft nap and Shandong completely, inside unconscious and other places the product of factories of 10 many Yang Jianrong goods is checked and accept by this factory organization, shipment, become complete province sheep to cut production of goods of cloth with soft nap and technical communication to popularize a center. My factory was finished after 90 time from planned economy the transition to market economy, with domestic and international much home agency of famous Yang Jianrong is having clasp.

Open wrappage wool factory to be begged with quality live, seek progress with credit, wish to go to good future in all with friend of domestic and international all circles!

Advocate battalion product or service: Shoe of; of arras of; of carpet of; of bedding of; of Australia sheep skin kind; of; car back of a chair

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