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Unseal guesthouse of day sea hotel washs bath one-time things deserves to send a
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Major produces guesthouse, hotel running stores; The tooth is provided, comb, toilet soap, wash hair fluid, bath fluid, needlework bag, brush a shoe implement, cup of razor, bath cap, slipper, web, napkin, mouth is covered, commode a paper strip for sealing, wash clothes bag, gift bag, rubbish bag, one-time guest room travels.

Cloth of tablecloth of bath towel, towel, high-grade series, mouth, mat cloth and sheet, cotton textile be waitinged for by cover of cover, quilt, pillow.

Card of sign of golden card series, whole set, annatto is demonstrative card, big directive, floor, room is oriented card.

All sorts of metallic directive cards, iron art card, hour hand card, advertisement indicates shop sign of date of towel tray, door billboard of card of key of card of hand of card of menu of card, stage date card, sauna, floor, bosom card, WP.

   The tenet of day sea person:

Beg with quality live

Seek progress with the price

  Management concept:

Lowest of coequal quality price

Credit to go up sincere letter is an upright person

Deliver goods seasonable deliver goods comes

  Address: Square of commerce of heart of a person of extraordinary powers on the west area 56 7—8—9 date

  Phone (fax) : 0378 - 25366400378—5888199

  Mobile phone: 13849120167


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