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Anxious make 3 benefit of city amount to recreational equipment limited company
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Company brief introduction

I manage is the enterprise of product of equipment of appliance of product of series of crossbow of a professional research, development, production bend, fitness, recreation, also be current country is only the enterprise of product of bend of a permissive production, sale, crossbow, arrow. Series product has Gong Nu to pull an old unit of length for measuring land continuously at present, pulley bend, handgun crossbow, musket crossbow, muti_function 5 series such as crossbow more than 30 breed, health care of high-quality goods of things of style of selected China, China tastes high-quality goods, it is good athletic sports material, recreational things, it is lawful gift more. Collect beautiful to taste. Already exported at present Burmese. More than 10 countries such as Thailand and area, more than 200 shooting are in home, club, travel area had form a complete set. This enterprise wishs to build a representative to sell a network together with a person with lofty ideals, develop domestic and international market, stimulative China bow moves, the development of bow recreation course of study. Our company still produce all sorts of electron products, have all sorts of type at present answer read machine, humidifier.

Product / service

Production sells; of product of electron of; of Gong Nu of; of bend; arrow

Advocate battalion industry

Articles for use of hotel guest room is other place (hang) adorn taste toy electron fittings product of form a complete set of other athletic sports is other things of entertainment establishment fire, archery

Connect a telephone call: 86 0391 3938888/3215550

Fax (FAX):86 0391 3927777

Address: ?454000 of enough month of firewood of have a nightmare of coffin of discharge  deep and remote administer)


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