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Unseal natural day turns limited company
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Unseal natural day changes limited company to be located in ancient capital of famous city of culture of bethel of AAAA class travel, history, 7 face to unseal. Plan of company collect research and development, sale, content shedding deserves to send wait for the manufacturing enterprise that is an organic whole, skin of carry out of main unripe produce and sale brushs agent, disappear to follow a word with agent of medicinal extract gush kind, health care is tasted, catharsis things, cosmetic. The company passes national licence to check and accept, obtained the aptitude of wholesome licence, production licence.

The company was formed it is with the market oriented, it is with new and high science and technology rely on, run a system with the modern managing that those who be safeguard. Formed to have knowledge to change, specialization, relatively the administrative layer that high quality personnel forms mixes young, of high quality specialization market sale team and stable sale network and broadband and quick terminal sell pattern, gain broad manufacturer and businessman's good reputation.

The company will be relied on and aggrandizement has an advantage, hold to “ pursuit is outstanding, credit is consummate, healthy mankind, benefit society, inspect quality to be life, service the poineering tenet at numerous ” , through science and technology innovation goes all out in work try to be the first. Regard China as a rise nova, face new opportunity and challenge, the company will depend on actual strength, courage and insight, credit, with the concept of innovation try to be the first, world of China of base oneself upon, scan widely, make the brand of a sale hard.

Let all products with effective and harmless and those who win broad customer is green narrow one's eyes and reliance; The company devotes oneself to to develop the smoothest sale channel for each manufacturer; Introduce the merchandise that has market competition ability most for each agency, not only the management concept that the risk has rich and generous profit; Provide the most genuine service for each client; Create the professional program that has perspective most for each employee. Found more brilliant great exploit hand in hand.

Welcome each manufacturer, businessman to offer support, collaboration, guidance!

Contact: King manager (selling manager)

Address: Unseal developing zone of economy of the road austral city core

Postcode: 475000

Phone: 86-378-5521369


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