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The method of strategy of meal channel sale of liquor enterprise
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One, 20 law of 80 ∶ push strategy
Guo Ye discovers, when a lot of liquor enterprises do meal inn product to popularize, the dimensions amount that chooses meal store does not have a fault, devoted manpower material resources also reached average proportion, but the performance of meal inn sale makes a person very disappointed however.
Although individual meal inn had clear sale result, why can you take do not use the market? Why the enterprise can feel unable to do what one wants very much to do, and seem to be tightened to be being covered by a kind of aeriform chains?
1897, italian economist discovered 80 ∶ 20 law, sale of meal inn liquor also cannot break away from this law. In the store of Home X meal that chooses in you, whether were you found hold the store of 20% this part meal that having 80% leaders to consume tide however only on the amount in inn of target market meal? Whether do you use the energy of 80% and resource on these 20% hotels again at the same time, and use the energy of 20% and resource in the rest on the hotel of 80% ?
In the discovery in practice of sale of meal inn product, be in same a target market, in the meal inn of identical class and category, also only 20% control a guest to explode full, the business is thriving. Here, the author is not to let liquor enterprise abandon the meal inn of 80% , however with 20% nod to be cut mainly, because of this 20% can affect the rest 80% , took this 20% , the meal inn of additionally 80% offers aeriform convenience with respect to the job that meets you, you need to expend the relevant resource of 20 % only, with respect to the 80% result that can achieve the meal inn product of 80% to popularize.
2, boss of inn of meal of intelligent public relations
Enterprise and client, without forever friend, also do not have forever enemy, have forever interest only. But anything but can will " interest " solution of narrow sense geography is real money to trade, it is the coagulation with material and collective spirit indicates. Because this reachs the public relations of relevant personnel to meal inn boss, the affection that relies on onefold corporeal stimulation or little gift bar only invests can special weakness, the competition that can contend for me to seize in you at any time interrupts archives. So, for to meal inn but durative apply and sale, must use strategy of intelligent conformity public relations.
Public relations of alleged intelligence conformity, the public relations that is material and mental photograph union is politic.
1. idiosyncratic public relations
Most enterprise is in the corporeal public relations of pair of meal inn bosses, mostly with year for the unit, total sales volume how many, return bonus or objective how many. This kind of means is compared in planned economy times effective, but manage as the operator below market economy flabbier and flabbier those who decide a case appear, a lot of enterprises return the acceptance of benefit to cannot cash in time by the quantity end of the year to the client, returned benefit to already lost reliability in the client, the slow down in they are suspecting and worrying the force that goes all out in work courageously. If such, why will the enterprise return benefit scale to pass business accounting end of the year, is scientific apportion in day-to-day public relations?
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