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Serving quality is the lifeline of the hotel
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What compete as restaurant course of study is intense with each passing day, guest is taller and taller to the requirement of restaurant service quality. The competition between current restaurant, also be the competition that serves quality essentially. Excellent service can attract passenger source not only, still can bring considerable economic benefits to the hotel. Conversely, inferior service not only cannot attract visitor, still can cause passenger source prediction of a person's luck in a given year to the hotel, produce undesirable effect. How to make sure restaurant serves quality, it is the issue that is placed before a lot of hotels. Want to accomplish the following only normally, so the service product of the hotel can make guest satisfied certainly.
Guest pays close attention to each wholesome state of restaurant very, especially foreign guest, they are particularly strict to healthy demand, investigate according to sampling, the guest of 60% labels sanitation the first demand. For instance, the towel inside guest room is to repeat use, if our service personnel disobeys operating sequence to be in,dishcloth acts as when quiet room, so such extremely infectious diseases, harm the interest of guest.
The guest lives in journey inn hopes belongings and life do not suffer lose, if our total stage personnel divulges a few secrets of guest to give stranger at will, certainly will causes menace to the guest's safety. If have the guest room facility of breakdown,cause person easily also to harm to the guest. This is in with respect to requirement service personnel daily Qing Dynasty observes operation standard in room job, cannot omit the examination to equipment.
Any guests need the hotel that they stay to provide convenient and quick service, if the guest dines hall can find a place; The clerk is the boiled water on its pour very quickly, give serving sheet; Order good meal, can come up very quickly; When the guest drives plane train, hope total stage personnel is his quickly to do formalities of good settle accounts to wait.
Enthusiastic, courteous
Live inn guest him hope is welcome person, the hope sees the smiling face that serves personnel enthusiasm, courteous greeting. Famous Hilton restaurant group president Hilton says health accept · : "If lack the clerk's happiness, smile, the garden that is just like spring lost sunshine and spring breeze. The garden that is just like spring lost sunshine and spring breeze..
Have distinguishing feature alone
The ultimate goal of guest presence hotel is to enjoy the characteristic of the hotel, of the personalized characteristic service of the dish characteristic that is like dining-room, guest room, whole public house decorate design contain to wear very full-bodied culture connotation and characteristic are waited a moment.
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