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Sale of meal course of study: The disguise or mask of an evildoer that draw a ti
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Sale of meal course of study, need to have appropriate storefront not only figure, show consideration for the service of in a subtle way, the heaviest if taste, meal course of study manages inside and outside to hold long ability flourishing concurrently! The picture skill of painter is again high, also reflect the immanent skeleton that gives a tiger hard, behave tiger god only power fierce, because the thing of form is impossible to appear on paper,be. This is to make a picture, also give no cause for more criticism. Managing on, if imitates the idea of other and preeminent company only, and cannot comprehend its marrow, although look from formally can put up with, but however via having the test of time and client, meet sooner or later give the show away, cause management crisis.
Be in live around, open shop of a Chinese meal newly recently. Decorate from the exterior in light of, compare high-grade feeling to the person really, it is storefront no matter figure, indoor still decorate, adornment, compare with photograph of circumjacent and other storefront, have the window that tall person prepares really. In the meantime, the name of storefront returns very rich originality " head on and come " . Management means with snack form, cooked wheaten food is given priority to.
Outside person, at first view, interlink the flavour of management enterprise like meal a bit. From storefront the adornment of figure is designed, reflect an as different as traditional chophouse imposing manner and style. Be full of a hope, the author goes in experienced.
Enter inn gate, have kind of feeling that be duped however. Be him proof to still enter is to decorate outside and flourishing traditional chophouse only, also continue to go down deep. A meal has come down, why is deep experience done to Chinese style snack not big, make not strong intention. Although home also has a few relatively pretty good presence that make, but can have not carried on on behalf of Chinese meal culture broad. Elephantine Mcdonald's, Kendeji, surely win guest in that way chain of the whole nation, whole world, chinese meal enterprise needs very long way to want, need a lot of detail to need to perfect, not be a disguise or mask of an evildoer more and do not paint spirit imitate with camouflage. Comprehend the marrow that snack manages truly, appear particularly crucial.
With this domestic name is " head on and come " cafeteria is exemple, talk to should notice in imitate " the problem of bone " :
Storefront figure is the first pace that attracts a client.
Change or imitate a storefront, come round to say in eye, not be a complex issue. Accordingly, most meal enterprise also does not have method this storefront figure is protected effectively rise, of appreciably alter, can let a client produce the feeling that find everything new and fresh. Pass storefront figure, draw the client's attention, it is the premise that implementation storefront sells.
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