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Meal is off-season how break out of an encirclement
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Meal of individual plant continent crosses arrival of Spring Festival monsoon, of meal off-season also follow and come. Will tell as meal enterprise, can be faced with every year off-season, but this year is come too early, brought very great pressure to handler of boss, profession, so after all what reason is caused, the problem that reach goes where, how will answer again, oneself from course of study a bit older my opinion:
1 , prices rises, after passing glacial calamity especially, price of prices raw material rises point-blank, but fall after a rise is not big. Vegetable temporary shortage, the flesh kind the price is climbed continuously litre, rice oil without be absent shoot up, raw material rises dish tastes sale price to also can go up subsequently only tone, partial client also as the price rise and prediction of a person's luck in a given year.
2, after new labor law comes on stage, what the enterprise did not give employee to buy the insurance such as provide for the aged, medical treatment, unemployment before is all want to buy. By the enterprise 100 person is calculated, want every months to raise more than 20000 cost the least.
3, employee firewood fulfil increases, rise as each industry salary, meal firewood fulfil also lost original dominant position, a lot of 80 hind, 90 after do not wish to be engaged in meal working, new public house is ceaseless also emerge in large numbers, cause manpower resource shortage. Meal of very much new start business is when practice, hand is enrolled not neat, raise compensation to solve hand problem only. Very much even business gives employee introduction cost, will draw able-bodied person.
4, warm up continuously along with what touchdown produces, the hire of a lot of enterprises also is rising continuously.
5, new store practice, from last year individual plant of second half of the year continent the meal company that has several furniture dimensions in succession practice, be like: Tang Chao feeds Lou Dong of restaurant of government office, Home Mao, jade, clever interest to wait. To mainland a few old store brings a lot of pressure, also brought pressure to whole industry development. Also appeared a few unfair competition, industry standard also is placed before the enterprise.
6, the industry lacks vitality, individual plant continent is an emigrant city, but meal is multivariate the structure still is not had, give priority to in order to run Hunan course basically, ab extra dish is (outside the snack that divide ocean) individual plant continent does not have too much development space.
7, consumption is used to an element, besides enterprise or business outside consumption of unit public money, river on the west a few large store are given priority to basically with public money consumption, and common people consumption is not quite driving, namely meal hall is desolate, the person enrages inadequacy.
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