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Intelligence of illume of hotel guest room changes control solution
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1, overview
The hotel illume control of common sense is to rely on what what comprise to complex wiring works and install sophisticated equipment, namely each electric lamp has cloth of an electrical wiring to control box to the concentration of the head of a bed in, installation rises very complex. Such system shapes, cannot add equipment at will, upgrade systematic function, maintenance is very difficult also, need one by one checks complex circuitry to find the reason of breakdown. If encounter circuit breakdown problem to want to change to bury good electrical wiring beforehand,be impossible almost, accordingly, the maintenance of later period is quite difficult.
Now, intelligent illume system can discharge these complex wiring and installation job, it is to use the network that original electric line of force forms to transmit control signal for fundamental platform. Control equipment is OK the aleatoric dot inside house is received, installation is convenient, control function is powerful, and can upgrade at any time, the control that adds need needs to add a module again only when equipment can. The system is safeguarded very simple also, which one street lamp provides occurrence problem to check this module, it is OK to need very short time only trouble removal.
2, plan description
With the original electric power in hotel guest room line network is a foundation, control the diversification control that waits for equipment to realize lamplight, electric equipment, curtain to wait through all sorts of module and remote control, concentration. A few subsystem such as control of switch of intelligent illume, induction, electric equipment, dynamoelectric curtain apply in this plan, in controlling intelligence the system to blend in hotel guest room completely. The control means that uses in this plan controls a function besides the concentration that holds average public house outside, still added the control kind such as control of inductive control, wireless remote control, setting, long-range control.
After the guest books a room, downstage clerk can pass a phone to open the necessary electric lamp inside guest room and electric equipment, make the guest opens a door to be able to be experienced bright light, pleasant music or it is a cup of hot tea. When sitting on the seat on the side of tea table, need not look up the switch on look about wall or it is the concentration that walks along the head of a bed before controller, should take a remote controller to find only above as corresponding as what want pilot lamps and lanterns or electric equipment switch key-press is OK and relaxed, optional all equipment inside ground control house. When the guest walks into toilet, the lamp of toilet is met automatic open, when waiting for a guest to leave, lamps and lanterns is met again shut automatically, saved electric energy to make the guest feels warmth is mixed again already so convenient. It is OK to need to press a key-press only when the guest needs to rest shut the lamp that all wanting that shut, move the brightness of wall lamp the darkest, come so, although the guest is hotel of first time presence can freely the ground controls all device however, the feeling resembles be like the home.
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