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Shallow the district culture feature that talks about design of southeast Asia h
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In " hotel high-quality goods " magazine and design of Tsinghua university hotel grind below the organization that builds a class, we a 40 much people came 28 days to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot to a few luxurious hotels of southeast Asia on July 22. Make an on-the-spot investigation this include cling to more than 10 when 3 ground nod li island, Singapore and Bangkok representative hotels, their style each different, fixed position is very different also, although cannot represent the full view of culture of southeast Asia hotel, but also mirrorred a hotel located the development current situation of area industry, also refract the culture feature that gives southeast Asia district more or less.

The author recommends 3 to be able to represent the case of style of hotel of southeast Asia mainland quite mainly here: Have high-quality goods of full-bodied southeast Asia to go vacationing of hotel feature cling to the four seasons of li island Jin Balan spends false village (Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran Bay) , cling to li island intercontinental goes vacationing village (the typical delegate Bangkok of InterContinental Bali Resort) and Thailand hotel Su Kuntai.

   Case one: Cling to the four seasons of li island Jin Balan spends false village (Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran Bay)

Cling to li island has public house of two the four seasons, among them one is located in bank of side of Jin Balan beach, face sea depends on hill and build. The entrance of the hotel is very low-key guileless, all motor vehicle forbid inside, of whole public house inside traffic includes a tourist to receive send by the hotel car of special storage battery is finished. Go vacationing the greenery inside the village is shady, charactizing a fine spring day, qing Dynasty of god giving a person enrages the feeling of bright. Old hall is a southeast Asia convention that opens open on four sides timberwork slope carries thatched cottage on the head, native land stuff is very simple, but the distinctive glamour that a bit did not reduce old hall.

Hotel guest room is face sea completely and build discharge small villa repeatedly, distributing reasonable, plane is decorated have individual character alone, push a wooden door, enter a garden down flag trail, the pool of outdoor small bubble that faces one party verdure, a side is the wine water that drives open, another side is guest room, the building is timberwork cogongrass room, high slope top, warm lamplight, qualitative honest nature reached all forms and capable person acme. In this kind of environment, the person is loosened very quickly come down, get drunk in nature, enjoying the immensity beautiful scenery all around.

  Case 2: Cling to li island intercontinental goes vacationing village (InterContinental Bali Resort)

Intercontinental goes vacationing the village is to be located at the large park type of coast of the indian ocean to go vacationing hotel, cover an area of even more 100 mus, the style is more traditional, hotel entrance a covered corridor or walk and hall are the slope housetop building of wooden stone structure, open open on four sides, do not have even be born glazing, because climate reason asks,be good ventilated, 2 it is to be able to borrow scene at the beautiful landscape all around, invite a visitor even if indoors in the space, also can dissolve is entered go in nature, the apparent space of space of pare room inside and outside.
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