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Individual character hotel: The par that LOFT space brings up is costly
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Pattern of tradition of hotel course of study appears large-scale become divided only then at going up 90 time happy event amounts to the century house group (the successful operation of W Hotels) of hotel of W of brand of hotel of the high-quality goods below Starwood) banner, tremendous market redound draws the engine that used high-quality goods hotel to develop flourishingly. Inside nearly 10 years, hotel of mixed independent individual character is in global blossom everywhere, hotel world becomes gorgeous rise. Tycoon of course of study of other public house also rolls out the brand of individual character hotel of different idea in succession, from intercontinental hotel group (of InterContinental Hotels Group) indigotic (Indigo) brand, group of triumphant Yue hotel (the triumphant Yue of Global HyattCorporation) occupies place (Hyatt Place) brand, the elegant Le Xuan that is fond of the group that amount to house (Aloft) brand, to J.W of traditional hotel tycoon. 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers (J.W.Marriott.Jr. ) with Ian of play wet Great Master? Sigelake (Ianchrager) " allied " hind the brand of life vogue hotel that announce -- " edition of set limit to " (Edition) , individual character hotel is in masses media is thick makeup below the apply colours to a drawing of heavy colour, become have bewitch power more.
Hilton hotel group (the human affairs that Hiltonotels Corporation) aims to roll out brand of individual character hotel recently appoints (detailed report consults this period information) develop to sex of batch of individual character hotel more the effect that had add fuel to the fire. Without doubt, individual character hotel serves as a kind of fashionable element all-around the ground rises all right in midstream of hotel course of study, the trend that has made cannot be kept out leads hotel person to chase after hold in both hands.
At present individual character hotel has various modern name, if design a hotel (hotel of vogue of Design Hotels) , life (the Lifestyle Hotels) , fashionable hotel that names with luxury card or fashionable distinguished personages (Fashion Hotels) , artistic hotel (hotel of Art Hotels) , culture (Culture Hotels) , the fixed position of the individual character of NYLO hotel and civilian NYLO hotel is current most popular life is fashionable kind of hotel, the end that stands in tide, her occurrence is the successful element that analysed development of operation of individual character hotel and popular element later refine become with respect to, it is integrated the characteristic of hotel of of all kinds individual character: Introduced the LOFT space that gets youth praise highly fully in last few years to devise an idea, advocate gregarious; blended in the hotel to go up hotel of 90 time high-quality goods designs the century boldly style, make the public house into with flowery artistic colour pursue civilian and luxurious idea for destination; (Affordable Luxury) , with in price of upright guest room bears the weight of high-end experience.
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