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Hotel and go vacationing the guest room design of the village
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Guest room is the main source that the hotel gets management income, it is a guest time is used after be being entered the longest, also be the place that has illicit fine quality most, to urban hotel character especially such. Building of our country hotel designs medium guest room plane to decorate, experienced ten years long-term imitate each other, the stage with single style, make a lot of should red-blooded was become by clone with the hotel guest room of creativity very similar, common face. Plant in this " common hotel " in, guest room is unavoidable is " the commonnest " part.
The worst effect of this kind of phenomenon is large quantities of one hotels were affected to build investor and operator on understanding, also affected the guest of a lot of home. Everybody was bred for a long time by guest room of this kind of common hotel a kind of quite firm vision habit, perhaps said to had formed psychology of a kind of calm situation: Only this is planted " hilt " guest room just can look be used to; Only this is planted in guest room " black hole " the toilet of type just makes be used to; Only oneself had seen in this kind of guest room, familiar furniture just is used be used to. Contrary, want to one place differs only, one is in have not acquaintance, one place has a place " strange " , accept anyhow do not come. And the account that does not accept often is " had not seen " , "May not guest is approbated " etc. Anyhow, do not be at ease namely. Up to now, domestic orgnaization invests and always did not invite the hotel project that management of international hotel group and foreign stylist participate in, still existing on guest room design the obstruction of a lot of habit thinking that come from investor or controller.
In fact, guest room design has complete, rich, system and meticulous content, this has been on the world a lot of first-class hotels a few years the crystallization of management experience; In the meantime, as the progress of times and technology, and human life is updated with what consume an idea, make again guest room -- , concern this with traveler individual most close " PrivateSpace " (private space) , be faced with ceaseless, change newly with new requirement; And designing responsibility to differentiate, guest room design also is not the job that is indoor stylist only, architect is planar to guest room the first pace that be being decorated at first is guest room design.
When architect is undertaking plan is designed building plane, be about to consider offer for guest room as far as possible proper place, space, dimension and landscape direction, as far as possible managing public area, shorten as far as possible travel distance and the traffic position that serve technological process, the toilet that avoids stale as far as possible is decorated, and as far as possible complete and the place that arranges all power source in hospitable room and switch reasonably, etc. The job of indoor stylist is the design that deepens respect of all use function above all, it is the style of guest room of make choice of next, make clear the culture fixed position of guest room and commercial target, create characteristic for guest room, choose proper articles for use and display to taste. The prospective destiny of guest room of a hotel, depend on greatly original building design and interior design are appropriate, whether to have experience, cultured, have vision.
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