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Unscramble prospective hotel management and design trend
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On June 8, 2007, the whole world is tall appearance of Germany of manufacturer of the top class product that defend bath, famous magazine " new line of vision " , hand in hand chamber of commerce of estate of Shanghai business association, branch of clothbound of chamber of commerce of estate of Shanghai business association, branch of course of study of restaurant of Shanghai travel guild, 3 2 buildings invite outer beach jointly hotel industry elite discusses prospective hotel to develop a tendency, seek the source of originality inspiration.
In hotel course of study, reliable technology and adept and elegant design are become offer a guest luxurious enjoyed postulate. And prospective hotel, it is one pays close attention to what consumer experiences to often say more, affection accuses the proposition that beg is being exceeded before attention. The Livingby4D that by Germany Gao Yi puts forward this (fourdimensions4 dimension) , namely the perfect balance that character, science and technology, design, affection contacts 4 dimension to spend. Not only the core competition ability that accords with German tall appearance -- perfect balance is outstanding character, outstanding design and sophisticated technology, bring the person that use the unique experience that use water, also create one by one for people long cover is new and the individuation of extraordinary " experience " .
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