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Essential factor of design of guest room of standard of business affairs hotel i
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Guest room moving cost is low, accrual redound is rich and generous, be hotel profit is important " producing area " . Accordingly, it also should become a hotel to design one of medium link that have a challenge most. But, for quite a long time, guest room, especially the design content of standard guest room is very low, each detail from functional pattern and even furniture design very much the same, became real significance to go up " standard " guest room, this also is in the guest of housing, even in the concept of a lot of hotel owner itself, formed the fixed mode of a guest room compulsively, and a variety of inconvenience that place of this kind of dated mode brings, not human nature, wasteful also became a standard unexpectedly, force a guest to be used to it, get used to it. The stylist of the author and company is changing this kind of current situation hard, will 3 many years fumble ceaselessly study and practice, train of thought was widened, also summarize an a few experience and law. Be here to be shared with the friend of restaurant course of study that devotes oneself to this euqally and person of the same trades. About the function " guest room is the guest is in strange home "
-- , this is diction of a sale not just, the function that defined guest room well and truly designs a principle. Should be an illicit is close here, those who loosen, comfortable, the functional sex space that condensed a lot of use requirement such as talk of body breath, private office, recreation, business affairs. In the process of get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, stylist people often get alleged " standard " worry, cannot cast off follow guest room mode of a few years, for example guest room of so called standard " 13 " , "11 " , a dish of chess plays on the whole nation, no more than is you use red Ju, he uses cherry wood, and expression " design " , actually the standard of standard guest room should be the standard that points to a function to go up, be not the standard of formally, be enlightened this, good unlock hands or feet to do a design. About planar layout ● public passage reachs guest room door: Guest use guest room begins from place of guest room gate, must remember this well, public passage appropriate is on illume door of guest room of key keep an eye on () of purpose sex illume. Doorcase and the positive character of the wall side the door are the place of easy attaint, need to consider to protect on the design, steeliness doorcase should be a tweak, changeless form, be able to bear or endure bump, additional, the design of the door should emphasize performance, with the design such as the wooden furniture inside the room or colour language each other is connected about, the width of door leaf with 880-900mm advisable, if cannot be achieved, must hold measure when designing furniture so.
Area of ● indoor lanai: One when groovy guest room builds a design to be able to form the entrance to be in 1, 1.2 meters wide small passageway, a side after the door is chest of the type that enter a wall. We suggest: If conditional, arrange chest a side in area of go to bed as far as possible, the guest can feel extremely convenient, also solved the long and narrow space inside the door to accommodate overmuch function, cause use inconvenience. Of course, the entrance is in chest to also can be done, be in especially the guest room with little space. The economy with a few small investment guest room can connect chest door even leave out is not installed. Put apart is used " cavity " can, baggage can be put directly, convenient, economy. High-grade business affairs guest room, still can increase put in order in this area look, get ready stage. Mesa enters deep 30cm can. The guest still can place a few fragmentary things, it is a very considerate, considerate function design.
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