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The hotel devises way of 5 fixed position
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Design a hotel as designing a very complex life product; Also resemble installing a machine, an extremely accurate machine. To hotel design achievement character, lowermost standard is " can use " , tall be " good with " and " good-looking " ; Again tall be " durable " and " be able to bear or endure look " ; Taller the one standard of the layer is to use it can " make money " ; And highest one is not only good with good-looking, durable be able to bear or endure look, make money, and itself even " costly " , return even can " appreciate " !
This " 5 administrative levels " namely " hotel design should run a service for the hotel, should be hotel asset interest to serve " main reason, can call " law of 5 fixed position " .
Since half century, all over the world, almost every developed country and the hotel line of business that run by developed country investment are in abiding by this to invest principle and design principle. In the process that comes a few years, in the mature development that comes in nearly 30 years especially, the people understanding to this one principle and apply more and more essence of life is ripe accurate. Propose hotel it may not be a bad idea, revise hotel it may not be a bad idea; No matter be big, small still; No matter be luxurious, austere still, can be in this " law of 5 fixed position " in the fixed position that finds oneself and target. And once the lock is decided, all design job can bring into rational course instantly, target sex is extremely strong, efficiency also is met very tall, material it may not be a bad idea chose, cost was controlled easily also, all work segment are easier be well versed in.
But, understand this " 5 administrative levels " do not mean master can scientificly and apply. In traditional thinking habit of China, a few heavy face, go in for pomp, the concept that seeks air is become by enlarge in hotel design a kind of prep above all psychological principle. In this kind of thought guidance falls, "Law of 5 fixed position " content by fractionation, also was put upside down orderly, some main index if " good with " , " durable " , " be able to bear or endure look " by desalt or be cast, connect even sometimes " make money " should be subject to " good-looking " , and " good-looking " be in order to sacrifice " good with, durable " be cost. The value as to hotel oneself asset how, vitality whether long, whether " costly " , whether " appreciate " more do not talk to go up.
This kind of circumstance, make our homebred hotel more first-class than international the hotel lagged behind 30 years at least! Regrettablly is, till today, this kind backward " persistent " do not have much large-scale to change. A kind " the first good-looking, the 2nd can use, the 3rd protect this " (attention: Not be to make money, protect however this) strange and stubborn go the phenomenon is in the hotel with many and homebred nowadays extensive and helpless popular move.
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