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Kitchen space decorates medium ceramic tile design
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The ceramic tile of small in the kitchen size compares the past of late more popular, the square ceramic tile that a lot of people discover small size is OK the change that build by laying bricks or stones gives a lot of expect be less than, suit the kitchen metope of small area very much, norms of some small ceramic tile have 5 to reach 13 centimeters only, and small brick also can use as ornament, the effect is admirable.
Want to highlight the effect that kitchen space changes, brunet ceramic tile also is only alternative no longer. When the kitchen general not quite when, light color ceramic tile is helpful for enlarging the space of eye shot, more and more get the welcome of people.
Be able to bear or endure the pure white that see is the most popular colour and lustre, it does not need even any dark flower or twill, design, mix with ornamental thread of of all kinds only flower piece try to adorn, can bring lively, fashionable sense. Shallow the cool color such as green, shallow purple moves blue, apple ceramic tile is very popular also, they rise with collocation of white ceramic tile more pave.
Tiling is built prepare food atmosphere
The kitchen can choose ceramic tile of a beautiful type, adorn insipid metope, prepare food for housewife Ping Tianyu is jumped, lively atmosphere. At present the beautiful type ceramic tile on the market is in the majority with European exotic more, some advocate play artistic, fashionable style, some keys are put in the joy of life of natural everythings on earth, general 6, 10 or 12, individual character is bright very. The tiling that comes from Europe produces a different style series by different stylist more, import what to domestic brand set limit to of every kinds of style sells to be in the majority, have reservation value very much so. The brand vogue flavour such as BARDELLI, APPIANI, VERSACE is thicker, tiling already was ceramic tile not just, more the atmosphere of artwork. Spend hundreds yuan even thousands of yuan redemptive a few " ceramic tile artwork " without seam join in the kitchen space at oneself, it is a picture. The entrance spends type ceramic tile to apply to the kitchen of 10 smooth rice above more, just can show whole set to show the result, the price does not poor naturally also, fluctuate in 100 yuan together commonly more even.
When choosing tiling, more important is to should have ceramic tile " decorate " concept. Brick of a wall looks very beautiful alone: Impression pure, design is bright-coloured. But after thickly dotted ground repeats a shop to stick wall of good one side, often be dazzling, desultorily, the vision pounds too ultra intense. So ceramic tile choice also needs with " adornment " for jumping-off place. Consumer still can consult have shape the businessman example of legend is imitated, the originality that perhaps lets a businessman press you offers major proposal and seek advice, the businessman that provides such advisory service already rose more increasingly.
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