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Hotel of style of Hong Kong surrealism: The metaphor of time
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Two entrances primary and secondary is conversed, unreal of mosaic is big demon is bizarre, there is ReneMagritte in guest room " wrong mirror " atmosphere, aspasia dining-room is the corporeal world of additionally one kind of inviting addiction at all, theLuxeManor of surrealism style hotel always is dissociate making a person is besides Hong Kong.
Hotel of style of Hong Kong surrealism: The metaphor of time
One side is tremendous cannot the bell of readout time lies on the ground, mosaic suggestion skinning texture it already went out of cultivation actually a long time, and the life of time however still keep, you see that go person that cycle, wheel forever also cannot the rhyme of deviate time. Lifeisajourney, so this is itinerary, should be the some on time wheel only forever second glide smally, still want to return the start of the life finally. This " metaphor incident " big happen in the TheLuxeManor hotel that regards a journey as Stayplace, how be full of philosophical meaning.
And in the old hall that stands in this luxuriant mosaic to spell a dot, I remembered Dali is famous however " soft bell " , saerduowa Dali is his soft bell to explain so: Basketry run quickly wash with watercolors hesitating returns  scabbard to go straight towards creek to besmear ⑷ of copy of  of  of  of Zhan Qi Lian rises abruptly dew of protruding of  of value of vasting copy ⒐ bilks mother unlined upper garment to shake! Sun of Su of pain or numbness caused by cold grows permanent teeth  of  showing disrespect or contempt touchs Urrealism of Tao Dan ╯ character) in atmosphere, they are had the metaphor that be equal and decorate. This is come across that the surrealism is in Hong Kong.
But the boss of TheLuxeManor likes, it is ReneMagritte of another surrealism painter apparently, so this hotel with Magritte " the clearest surrealism " render, open a bizarre Europe land amorous feelings is itinerary.
Big: 4 Щ of  of allow г calumnying the sliding weight of a steelyard no Yang
The hotel down Jinbali (KimberleyRoad) and build, 2 tons of heavy entrance doors leave however building the rightest end of 90 degrees of left abduct inside in, should make the Jinbali that gives priority to the entrance design in right underside only on the road originally small exceptionally entrance, have quite " heterodoxy " funny feeling. Of richer comedic atmosphere is that piece of bright red chair that crouching head on into the gate, "Game " move a leg, your popular feeling gives birth to uneasiness, adventure sits to did not want the look that falls however. Be hanged on the ceiling with respect to discovery next " hydrogen balloon " lamp all came over topsy-turvy, rest full the large tree light of birdie also came, under photograph comparing, the white Ero transparent chair that be used to gets strange PhilippeStarck to be designed for Kartell appears much honester, even flavour of that piece of Hong Kong grumous " old master seat " want a lot of more piquant.
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