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The reflection that the hotel designs
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A kind of application of the scientific sex that the hotel designs and union of beautiful sex photograph, the following to the hotel construction and battalion carry, and investment source is shared and manage a success to concerned very major concern. As a result of ignored of a few investor, architect or the program that do not know a public house and design, cause a hotel to generate very big question in carry of the following battalion, it is so in hotel design, want to having a clear knowledge to these problems first.

(one) be out of line with social demand, some investor are opposite by oneself only a few perceptual knowledge of the hotel, direct investment builds new public house, did not complete class of dimensions of location of optional location of market survey, hotel, hotel, hotel first the job such as analysis of feasibility of affirmatory, project. Also did not design the primary level that the unit intervenes the hotel prepares to construct.

(2) pure beautiful sex consideration. Some hotels are on the design, the exterior is very beautiful, but the in-house function program, feasibility that decorate is in a complete mess, design very not professional, practical very poor, more lack artistic quality. Build the need after beginning battalion to carry to the hotel to undertake 2 times transforming, caused " invest 2 times " , some hotel designs do not have even redeeming opportunity even, turned hotel battalion into the hindering foot stone of carry. A very main reason is the need that stylist does not know hotel government and the function of all sorts of establishment, the demand that did not consume from the attribute with peculiar hotel and consumption sets out, however sheet undertakes designing from the angle that builds art. Also some because construction graph design is too imprudent, did not undertake to hotel design height takes seriously. Still having is indoor soft adornment also did not do detailed form a complete set to design further.

(3) the issue that trades a concept to reduce investment to cause secretly. Because the investment of hotel project is huge, national policy makes architectural from macroscopical upper limit a few byelaw. Accordingly, a few state enterprise or government sector, the investor such as the institution in order to groom center, activity center, recieve the nominal project approving such as center, integrated service to be built, after building, transform again become a public house. This kind of hotel often is to resemble public house of hotel and rather than, layout of equipment of a lot of building structures, establishment, function cannot satisfy the requirement that hotel major runs etc.

(4) hotel design work is duplicate, the load one's writing with fancy phrases of new product, new material, new technology and medley, did not design the soul, without characteristic, cannot form peculiar product culture, also be the problem that a beard in hotel design takes seriously.
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