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The current situation that Chinese hotel designs and development trend
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Chinese hotel is indoor the current situation of the design
1, large quantities of hotel designs are machine-made, lack characteristic and originality. Be in China each astral class hotel with big numerous city, no matter be a hotel,layout of design of program, building, function arrives the resemblance with the striking pattern of indoor style, gimmick, material and even guest room, bring about manage fatigued and weak, competition is faint, just cause many loss to country and investment. This among them reason, have a plenty of a building to design an unit to lack experience, if traffic streamline organization is unreasonable; Perhaps take seriously downstage, small backstage supporter; Also have a plenty of indoor stylist irresponsible " take doctrine " . Actually, every hotel is built because of located city, area and photograph adjacent, what local article reachs zoology environment is different, owner investment and hotel are managed or administrative company differs, what the market locates is different, the temperament with completely due and different hotel and characteristic.
2, interior design takes metope adornment seriously, and lamps and lanterns, furniture, artistic display is pale however. This problem is a common imagination in domestic numerous hotel. This specific building surrounds the public house the space that combine, it should satisfy the requirement of people accommodation, meal not only, even contented conference, business affairs, recreation, fitness is a lot of the demand of the respect. It is a function not only go up, or on spirit, should let a guest be in be stationed in a hotel while, experience the infection of culture and artistic edification, no matter business affairs still goes vacationing, have a kind of surprizing experience, and outside the adornment processing that the origin of this kind of experience divides a space, it is the delicate lamps and lanterns in the hotel, fashionable furniture and rich artistic set out. Hotel space is different from other public construction, it has a specific atmosphere certainly: Arrive from colour, lamplight of cloth art skin texture, the design of water cup asks very fastidious. Domestic great majority is intermediate the hotel arrives from old hall the fire control passageway with less important even guest room is equal adornment of many stone material, the high-grade material of full wall, decorate an interface very costly, but furniture, lamps and lanterns and handicraft are very inferior, such hotel talks why " atmosphere " , guest where is returned can solid if return,come. Accordingly, stylist people must control cost reasonably, stress a focal point, help owner is mixed in hard adornment soft adornment respect is reasonable allocate, have a definite object in view, create first-rate art effect with limited fund.
3, guest room of ignored of a lot of stylist designs home. Actually the guest is entered be stationed in a hotel, major while all is spent in guest room, confront the visitor that life level and percipient raise with each passing day, guest room of domestic most hotel no matter from function, area, door model the color of the design to the furniture in guest room, cloth art, carpet. Go up in the practice of wine ark, chest even striking resemblance, different guest has diverse demand, above all business affairs guest has technical demand: Broadband net, email, mobile telephone, portable computer, these need stylist to try these functions to decorate; Moreover, the bed is crucial, this is the guest uses the longest place in the room, must big and quality wants tall; Next, crock of bathroom, shower, bath, lavatory and sit implement, and had better accomplish dry wet partition, such, between mark of a two-men in, two people won't have go up at the same time the awkwardness of toilet. Guest room is the body of hotel creation benefit, guest room design is not an easy thing, its design the care that wants utmost to reflect a guest, the requirement of because the guest is far to the requirement of guest room older than be opposite hall, dining-room is finer. Guest room design is bad, not essence of life, no-go, be opposite not only the guest is bad, also can reduce the class of the hotel. The guest is entered was stationed in a hotel to pay a lot of cash, stylist must have originality, the color in guest room, design, lamps and lanterns, furniture, artistic display had better make had seen with guest have not. Bring a guest a surprise hard.
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