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Macao builds hotel of 5 stars class to be used for Olympic Games free in Beijing
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Be located in in the center of well of king government office the hotel of encourage fine horse of business affairs area (model)
The honored guest such as He Houhua of commissioner of Macao special zone attended hotel financing autograph to arrange a ceremony
International is online message (be stationed in Macao reporter Ding Bo) : Group of Macao encourage fine horse announced on August 8, public house of class of a 5 stars will be built in Beijing investment, appoint as government of Beijing Olympic Games recieve hotel free to use, hotel financing autograph makes an appointment with a ceremony to be held in Macao that day, hundreds person of He Houhua of commissioner of Macao special zone and all circles personage is attended.
Investment amounts to the hotel of encourage fine horse of 2.2 billion RMB, plan to build at was in Beijing in March 2008, june consign BOCOG. The hotel is located in Beijing east street of odd Beijing University and Jin Baoda street are handed in collect place, floor area 13. 20 thousand square metre, it is by Macao person the meridional style of design, investment, management exceeds luxurious hotel one, investment just expresses to hope to be Beijing to hold an Olympic Games successfully to make contribution with this, it is platform with the hotel, reveal Macao multivariate culture characteristic.
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