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The regulations system of hotel finance affairs
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One, financial department safety administers a regulation
1. The code that implements respect of executive country finance affairs seriously, system and concerned regulation, combine financial work to undertake fixed safety is checked, discover problem and flaw are reported in time and appropriate is handled.
2. Business checkout ends, meeting personnel needs financial department and money of cash gathering stage to hand in cash check financial department special controller, the lock enters special safe, scattered dot must not put inn internal affairs take cash pass the night.
3. It is important that total paybox is financial department place, outside working inside except person specially assigned for a task, other have nothing to do personnel must not be entered inside.
4. Financial personnel goes to a bank taking cash, check to wait, must special is received send, convoy by whole journey of security personnel personnel, take midway sending a money to forbid any having nothing to do personnel builds a car, forbid to be dealt with during transit without approval any with this the job has nothing to do matters concerned.
5. Plan money ministry is forbidden deposit private cash reserve in a bank and valuable. All sorts of key seal appoint person specially assigned for a task to keep, must not give key area the hotel or put in insecure place at will.
6. The foreign currency of each place business income, want to provide put in storage of turn over to the higher authorities by financial management, forbidden privately arbitrage, make over.
7. Cashier safe offers a key to send him receiver to use only. When total cashier consults a library, must undertake together with receiver director. The safe is only allowable will deposit a shot in the locker, must not privately is put sundry the article that waits to have nothing to do with the job. Safe key must not be lost, reserve the key is kept by total cashier, when consulting a library, reserve.
8. Financial department place belongs to cashier personnel to be not gotten illicit match safe key, must not will pass outside safe password, when celebrate a festival or having a holiday, want to cooperate with security personnel ministry, add to the safe.

2, the concerned regulation that intercourse charge administers

To assure the economic benefits of the enterprise, strengthen cost charge management, reduce intercourse charge expenditure, the hotel makes the following provision to intercourse expense:
1. Defray of amount of charge of full month intercourse cannot exceed the 1 % of business amount, , this is assured by plan money ministry.
2. Intercourse charge index is put forward every months by plan money ministry, arrive by the make known to lower levels after general manager is authorized departmental door.
3. Intercourse charge allocates proportion: General manager room presses index of make known to lower levels 40 % are carried out, business ministry is carried out by 40 % , other department is carried out by 20 % .
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