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Flow of job of hotel finance affairs (original)
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Flow of job of hotel finance affairs (try out)
One, financial expenditure examines and approve flow
1 examine and approve flow:
Flow control of 2 financial expenditure wants a place:
1) each financial expenditure is carried out strictly " double autograph is made " , execute budgetary management;
2) examine and approve a person to must obtain accredit to assume joint liability;
3) the hotel is departmental door basis prepares to construct period working need, report defray budget every months, budgetary content wants full and accurate specific, classics branch controller is signed
Collect of examine and verify of ministry of finance affairs of hotel of the newspaper after the word, financial chief inspector is examined and approve, general manager is examined and approve, president is examined and approve
Each capital defray must have 4) contract, batch, bill or lawful receipt, in budgetary defray, otherwise financial department has authority to refuse pay. Exceed beforehand
Defray formalities; is fulfilled after calculate or needing budget of new make a supplementary report without the budget
5) agency person is submitting an expense account order of the lot on the proof, proof of sectional controller examine and verify signs;
Personnel of 6) financial first trial checks above all submit an expense account project in those days the budget carries out a circumstance, undertake to the authenticity of primitive proof, lawful sex, rationality next
Examine and verify signs an order, sign up for financial chief to examine and approve;
7) is all sign economic contract and budget of every months of capital to must be examined and approve by president external;
More than 300 thousand yuan big fund pays 8) to be undertaken putting on record to ministry of group finance affairs first by the cashier, fulfill again pay formalities;
9) cashier check submits an expense account proof, circumstance of basis individual loan receives to pay cash to build " paid " or " paid " seal, sign an order;
10) cashier should pay cash strictly by cash expenses limits, the payment that exceeds settle accounts starting point adopts a bank to turn Zhang means pays; Big fund pays by
The cashier puts on record to ministry of group finance affairs;
11) cashier must not be opened external " dud cheque " , must not external " account of bank of rental, lend " , because special situation needs to open clean to be raised in vain external
Of the ticket, need to be approved via company financial chief, make clear ceiling.
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