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The cost of wine water is controlled
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The cost of wine water is controlled
One, the definition of wine wood cost and form
(one) wine water cost: Wine water cost is water pointing to wine the direct cost in selling a process. The price of replenish onr's stock of the water that use wine and sale price will decide, can be calculated with per cent. For example the price of replenish onr's stock of Coke Cola is every canister RMB 2 yuan, price is 10 yuan word, the cost of wine water is 2 yuan, cost rate is M % . Cost leads computation to be the ratio of cost and price, likewise bottled wine water also can use every to enter valence and price badly to have consideration.
(2) the price of wine water: Attack Dang of  neon Huan steals ǔ of what of imperial mandate gourd ladle to grow permanent teeth earnestly of C of copy of model ǖ of Jian of  of the Ping that kill bright ǔ of cook a meal of world of Piao of those of cough of leg of Jie of Song of Ru of target of old Chen of felt of collect of  of home of what of gourd ladle of post Chinese alligator grows permanent teeth delay Tiao of  of the remnant that kill leek attacks so Qiao attacks: The price of computational fruit juice and cost. The fruit juice with commonly used bar has 5 kinds, xi Youzhi and juice of orange juice, lemon juice, pineapple, tomato juice. After 25 % are in affirmatory cost rate, be as follows into valence and price:
The project receives valence price
Orange juice (every cups) 1.2 yuan 6 yuan
Lemon juice (every cups) 1.5 yuan 6 yuan
Pineapple juice (every cups) 1.5 yuan 6 yuan
Xi Youzhi (every cups) 2 yuan 6 yuan
Tomato juice (every cups) 1.6 yuan 6 yuan
Aggregate 7.5 yuan 30 yuan
Get the addition of every cups of cost price of 5 kinds of fruit juice 7.5 yuan first, it is fruit assorted kind a group of cost that receive price, lead by 25 % cost plan, should sell 7.5 ÷ 0.25=30 (yuan) . 30 yuan are the total sales of assorted of 5 cups of fruit, so the price of every cups of fruit juice is 30 ÷ 5= 6 (yuan) make the price go to the lavatory already so computation, be helpful for doing business again, and the member that move wine is convenient also memory. The computational method of other wine water is same also, but wine water sheet, cent is a few kinds: Popular name wine (the firewater that includes general brand) , world famous brand (include all sorts of famous brand whisky) , american whisky, dry city brandy brandy of He Yaman city, aperitif, eat hind is rummy, cocktail and long drink, eat wine, beer, fruit juice, mineral water and soft drink. Calculate in group again next price. Altogether, the cost of wine water is the price of replenish onr's stock of water pointing to wine, the cost rate of wine water is each bar proper motion is affirmatory, and the cost of water of wine of price criterion basis and cost rate computation reach.
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