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The investment that opens Western-style food shop is forecasted and cost account
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Chummage Rental (the price depends on the place of the place, and the size of the area, the budget that notices this part had better be to consider some house-owner ask tenement the chummage of paid half an year) , decorate Decoration (depend on the class that place should decorate and style, and uses raw material is waited a moment, notice the desk and chair of my general dining-room in this part budget also calculates amid please) , artificial Labour (depend on the dimensions of dining-room and personnel allocate wait for a circumstance) , equipment Equipment (the relevant equipment that the equipment that place of kitchen of draw together of this square biscuit requires and downstage dining-room place require, for example the furnace head of the kitchen, fan is waited a moment; Downstage tableware, coffee machine, piano is waited a moment) , raw material lays in Material (general the reserve budget of the first month should calculate more li, the data that requires because of whole place should be inside this month buy, next every month is met slightly a bit less, point to namely be short of what goods to fill what, the cookbook that this respect should decide according to you comes to budget of raw material reserve computative) , fixed Overhead of fixed expenses budget (water includes among this, report, gas, the phone is expended, relevant overhead expenses, for example wholesome administration fee, ground duty waits a moment) , remain finally cannot foreknow expenditure budget Unforeknowable Expense (this part can be decided according to the circumstance of different area) , relevant poundage (the budget of this respect includes to apply business charter, wholesome charter is waited a moment) . The attention is in the budget of this part, you had better want the budget in the investment of before the budget goes out 3 months, because investment considers your early days not certain about,happen in the head entirely a week, meet however ground of one by one happens advanced of 3 months, and making worst plan even is before 3 months do not have income, and this kind of circumstance is very common, because you are impossible to open business with respect to gain, want to assure fee of expenditure of before you 3 months so, what just can assure you so is normal move.
A case, can draw lessons from to everybody:
Artificial: Kitchen 6 people, a large kitchen, a 2 hutch, 4 chare, every month adds up to 8, 000 yuan; Downstage 8 people, manager one, 7 clerks, add up to every months 7, 000 yuan; Accountant one, every months 600 yuan, only month pays expenses artificially add up to 15, 600 yuan, 3 months add up to 46, 800 yuan;
Equipment: Kitchen 60, 000 yuan, downstage 50, 000 yuan;
Secure expenditure: 500 yuan every week, 3 months add up to 6, 000 yuan;
Chummage: Half an year is total 125, 000 yuan;
Decorate: Intermediate Western-style food house 200, 000 yuan;
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