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The main train of thought of financial management and method
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Financial management seeks advice from the immanent logic of basis finance affairs and financial management activity to spread out, its are basic the analytic proceed with that train of thought is the economic norms from financial standing of comprehensive report enterprise, search weak point, thorough analysis affects the capital business element of these index and administrative factor, find out main influencing factor from which. Next, the possibility that according to enterprise strategy the requirement to financial management and enterprise place have condition, put forward to reform scheme, help an enterprise implement reform plan. Visible, the main measure that finance affairs refers is OK reduce: Check forms for reporting statistics according to seeking advice from a requirement; Contrast set standard seeks an issue; Seek an account according to immanent connection; Carry according to strategic target improve plan. In these measure, all sorts of existing to the enterprise financial forms for reporting statistics, statistic forms for reporting statistics undertakes business accounting and data are main method quite. Finance affairs seeks advice from medium computation is not with account face the balance is a purpose, discover the problem, method that analyses a reason however.
The analytic model that financial management seeks advice from
The analytic model that financial management seeks advice from divides composition by 3.
1. is strategical analysis. Emphasize particularly on to spread out to the external environment of the enterprise, the purpose is to master the following circumstance:
(1) enterprise is located the feature of the industry;
(The feature of 2) enterprise;
(What is the successful key that each strategy that 3) enterprise place is engaged in and pursues possibly runs a field, grow rate how, how much is capital profit margin, how much is the optimal economy dimensions that needs to establish strategic advantage institute, how much is average investment;
(Each strategy that 4) enterprise place is engaged in and pursues possibly runs a field in, cost is on He Zhan summary position, of the industry mix on average what is advanced level;
(Of 5) enterprise raise fund environmental feature, include situation of supply and demand, raise fund of the common concern of condition, industry and financing orgnaization and competitor of course of study of person of the same trade raise fund ability and finance actual strength;
(6) raises money with industry competitor capital with exert the effect, include security of fluidity of capital benefit sex, capital, capital.
Strategical analytic task is to hold a company the risk of general environment, industry environment and financial environment is spent, successful and crucial factor, good luck and menace, the financial management system that is an enterprise is offerred raise fund, investment and cost management respect consult objectively standard.
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