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Hotel financial management and supply catenary system
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Respecting public house is financial before, everybody can think of charge to an account, account, respecting hotel financial management, everybody can think of that is the thing of plan money ministry likewise, have nothing to do with with other department. And the core that contemporary hotel financial management is hotel management, person of any branch, any is producing an impact with financial management, every involves each link that hotel capital flows to, from purchase treatment, to the sale, to capital steam again, arrive again purchase, permeating financial management. The circular process of hotel capital calls a hotel to supply catenary system, supply catenary system whether efficient orderly movement, decide the implementation of target of hotel financial management.
Fall management risk to make our hotel can be in intense market competition the smallest change, decision-making layer brought the public house Beijing University freely consults administrative company, for the supply of the hotel catenary system undertook extensive profundity the ground is analysed and be diagnosed, designed an efficient digitlization to supply catenary system program. This supplies catenary system, manage for the hotel offerred good distant view. Carrying out the core that supplies catenary system and key is working flow give somebody a new lease on life, be in charge of in the hotel appoint below meeting leader, special panel combines cost hierarchy of control the hotel is actual, act on first easy hind difficult, first the principle of the hardware after software, designed supply catenary system to carry out advance schedule, already rolled out memorandum of many flow give somebody a new lease on life at present, in departmental door cooperate to fall to already put into effect.
Supply catenary system to carry out through digitlization, the hotel should come true finally " 4 change " target, namely: One, standardization. 1, standardization of raw material character: Establish all sorts of raw material standards, the principle all is with the standard when picking valence, replenish onr's stock, reduce invalid labor, reduce raw material to use waste. 2, treatment uses standardization: Make give the target such as card of cookbook of rate, standard, add man-hour to be carried out strictly. 3, flow standardization: Make strict working circuit, make clear duty of each post individual, clear duty, authority, benefit concerns. 2, effectiveness for a given period of time is changed. 1, forecast make and revise with the plan answer speed fast, reduce needless waste. 2, the deliver goods of the supplier is corresponding time is fast, realize 0 inventory finally to create a condition for the hotel. 3, raw material handling time is fast, the client satisfaction that improves a client is spent. 3, division of labor is changed. 1, each branches make clear respective duty, utmost completes his work, because duty is unidentified,reduce, division of labor is not clear and those who bring is invalid labor. 2, each one of departmental door, each post is assessed independently, benefit at be opposite whole the government that supplies chain and monitoring. 3, decreased to examine and approve link, make clear duty further, promoted departmental door to improve working quality and work efficiency. 4, collaboration is changed. 1, supply chain each link are a whole, the requirement cooperates each other between each each branches, post, those who make sure all sorts of information are smooth and fast is current, those who assure all sorts of goods and materials is smooth and current, rise whole the work efficiency that supplies chain. 2, departmental door is supervised each other promote each other, made sure movement is smooth. (author: Hubei Yichang international is big manager of ministry of hotel plan money)
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