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How to increase the turnover of the hotel
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How can ability let a hotel make money? Say actually very simple: Increase turnover on one hand; Reduce all sorts of cost on one hand, their difference is bigger, make money more.

How Where is Nanchang city turnover? Above all we should be clear about is what decided turnover.
On finance affairs we have a such formula:
Turnover of = of consumption level of average per capita of * of turnover rate of seating * seat
Circumstance one: Our existing seating is: 322, hypothesis average per capita consumes 60 yuan, criterion: The A, place that there is 70% in the morning is used: 322*70%*60=13524; The place that there is 90% afternoon is used: 322*90%*60=17388; Aggregate 30912 yuan. If lunch and dinner are complete B, full criterion: 322*100%*2*60=38640 yuan. Did on December 18 39 thousand attribute this kind of situation namely.
Circumstance 2: If use 2 buildings hall,rise the seat is 436, criterion: A, Alexandrine circumstance namely general in the morning, about the same afternoon completely full, 436*70%*60=18312; 436*90%*60=23544; Aggregate 41856 yuan. If our lunch and dinner are complete B, full, spending of average per capita is again a bit higher, criterion: 436*100%*2*60=69760 yuan. If break up again,the stage can exceed 70 thousand to close greatly. Be in so business busy season, doing 50 thousand yuan on average is normal. C, if the business is off-season, is the trade very poor? In the morning: 436*50%*60=13080, afternoon: 436*70%*60=18312, aggregate 31392 yuan. Protect this little earning again on the foundation is no problem completely.
Above can see, the key that increases turnover depends on raising turnover rate of seating, seat and consumption level of average per capita.
One, raise seating to want what to do:
We should raise seating, a few pieces of tables to buy purely to a few pieces of chairs bought to go again? Not, we consider a lot of issues even:
If by who will serve? How many person should enrol? How does the person that speak eat to solve? Is labour taken order even how much to do? It how let them change from the novice with the rapiddest rate is mature to how let them change from the novice with the rapiddest rate hand? What article stock be still short of? Wait like goblet of china, presswork, glass, tray. Consider even is guest repast to like the hall or hall house now? Can repast misfortune of the guest rise best?
2, seat turnover rate decides by what:
Seat turnover rate is the seat utilization rate that we say namely, we often say again common point: 1, the business is not quite good today, the person of the half. Namely seat turnover rate is 50% ; 2, the business is good today, everywhere full, namely seat turnover rate is 100% ; 3, ouch, the guest queues up to wait ah. Namely 120% or more.
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