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The designated hotel the hotel reception to do preparatory work for event
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Third Guangdong Province Dongqiao Fair and Cultural Festival City, the second feature will be opened tomorrow in the city, participated in the activities have been arriving guests from the city. Currently, the activities of the designated host hotels, a new dress, to greet the guests from. Sentinel reporters yesterday in the event the hotel reception to see the urban East Lake Hotel, the hotel filled with beautiful flowers in front, the building blocks are put up welcome banners, everywhere a new look, filled with the festival will come before the festive atmosphere . The person in charge of the hotel, said the reception in order to ensure the successful completion of the task, the hotel will be high standards of good reception, so guests who stay feel "at home" feeling. It is understood that the city was designated as a current event host hotel, the hotel has Rongjiang hotel, especially the United States think Hotel, Donghu Hotel, East Hotel, Jieyang hotels, WTO Ming Ting, Fu Rong Building, South China Hotels, Zhongyang Building, Jieyang, such as hotels, etc. 10. In recent months, for the good reception service, the hotel, the hotel reception earnestly rectification work and preparation to ensure that during the reception, clean and healthy environment to the best mental outlook, skilled service skills meet all guests.
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