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Bike actually lost the hotel to eat found in the workplace
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Last night, Zhangzhou public Fang Zhang ring road to the hotel after dinner good spring, they discovered that the bicycle parked in front of the hotel was gone, and he looked everywhere for the results actually look at train crew found the workplace. Reporter arrived, the police are handling the matter. Fong said last night 7 pm, he was riding a bicycle to the best hotels and friends spring to eat dinner. "When I finished eating it, he found the bike gone!" Fong said, and he went around looking, also asked the hotel staff to look at cars in front of more than, they say, did not see his bike. Had wanted to forget, then ask about Mr. Fang think it, then recruited members of the hotel management to see cars in charge, did not expect to see cars in the hotel, a member of the workplace to find his own bike, but also get the lock broken. Fang members suspected stolen car was seen. Challenge facing Mr. Fang, a member of Lin admitted that he look at cars the car into the workplace, but he explained that he did not lock the car to see Fong, therefore temporarily moved to the house. Helpless, Fang dial 110 the police. After the police understand the trouble made by that vehicle has been found, and of little value, were on the train crew to see some education, ordered the hotel side is responsible for repairing the bike has been broken in the lock, return customers.
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