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Star-way and other mid-range brand hotels as "meat and potatoes"
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Expo sales dropped significantly after the single mid-range hotel Jixun join The largest mid-range hotel chains --- Star Hotel Group said recently approached to join frequent single hotel, most owners want to get brand and chain of scale to protect the customer base and increase profitability. With the closing of the Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai hotel industry continued feast of six months has temporarily come to an end, hotel occupancy and revenue also decreased to different extents, some of which monomer three-star, four star hotels bear the brunt. To this end, many hotels also hopes to join the well-known hotel groups "warm winter." Industry sources, the monomer three-star, four-star hotels such as the end of the Expo is the largest by number of hotels. Luxury hotels and economy hotel chains because of their own have a better brand, even after the end of the World Expo, is still able to maintain a high occupancy rate. Monomer three-star, four-star hotel during the World Expo to maintain high occupancy rates, mainly due to shortage of hotel market in Shanghai. With the end of World Expo, the recent of these hotel occupancy rate, average selling price has been a serious decline. A similar phenomenon, in addition to outside of Shanghai, in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other regions have also emerged. Star Hotel CEO SHAO Bing Cheng said that the Expo will bring tremendous business opportunities in tourism, making Shanghai the hotel did enjoy a full 6 months of the Expo banquet, but also to the Shanghai World Expo to bring the hotel industry, the difficulties that the city's star hotel rooms total cumulative growth rate of more than tourists, the hotel market needs to be overdrawn. So, the next Shanghai hotel where excitement? Disney park opened in 2015 the enormous tourism effect, will undoubtedly become another feast of opportunities. SHAO Bing said that before the advent of the next feast, the survival of the plight of independent hotels will once again surfaced, so join up and demand is high. He stressed that only through a thorough transformation of the hotel business model, change the "go it alone", and greatly enhance the service quality, and many single three-star, four star hotels have a way out. Starway to relevant sources, there have been many recent Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang region to contact the hotel for joining process with the Stars, Star source protection process to give a unified advertising and marketing, operations management training, procurement, and other low-cost group, a single hotel rapid transformation of the shortcut. It is understood that data show that in 2009 the average occupancy rate of star-way out of the national three-star hotel average occupancy rate of 15%, the average price is also higher than average. It is reported that mid-range hotel market has been called "China's hotel industry, the last of the cake," Star-way, Holiday Inn, Accor Hotel Group are aimed at the foreign market opportunities, which stars Cheng has more than 20 cities have more than 80 high the quality of the hotel, has become the largest mid-range hotel chains. In addition, starting from the end of October in Shanghai Guide the implementation of recruitment plans, looking for a high quality three-star grade hotels as the benchmark, the implementation of discretionary management or leasing management, output management team to enhance the quality and benefits of the hotel, aimed at the country stars serve as a model and process model for the role of the hotel, this speed the development of the layout of the country, further solid mid-range hotel leader position. Insiders said the era of increased competition after the World Expo will be the mid-range hotel market, brand, chain boosters, the next 3 to 5 years, mid-range hotel market will form a pattern-based hotel group, may be single hotel to the personality characteristics of service development.
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