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Dayton Ascott Hotel Waikiki ring active expansion in China
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Ascott Dayton (ASTON) Hotels & Resorts has more than 60 years is a long history of leading hotel brands, owns 27 hotels, apartment hotels, villas and resorts throughout Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, can be Love Island and Big Island, and extends to the South Pacific, California, Hao Wu, Sun Valley, Idaho and Nevada, Lake Las Vegas. In recent years, Ascott Dayton Hotels and Resorts has been active in the Chinese market, Accor Hotels and Resorts Liston MaryPaahana international sales director, said: "Hawaii is the most popular destination for tourists, every year About 55,000 Chinese tourists to Hawaii, and the number is growing; the Chinese market is also Ascott Dayton Hotels and Resorts one of the most important market, since 2009, entered the Chinese market, we have been Active in the promotion, more visitors know Ascott Dayton, select Estee Dayton. " Ascott Dayton distinctive hotels and resorts suitable for a variety of lifestyle, fashion tastes and consumer budgets of customers. From a single apartment, to six bedroom house, to the suite, choose a rich and diverse, lavish or humble . Ascott Dayton Most have a restaurant resort, day spa and a variety of activities such as yoga, hula courses, and have a great location to Hawaii will find, whether it is world-famous Waikiki Beach, or whale watching spot Lahaina, a landscape where there Ascott tons of presence. Recently, Accor Hotels and Resorts Liston will further increase China's market development and attract more Chinese tourists. MaryPaahana said: "In order to better serve Chinese tourists, Ascott Hotel Dayton's Waikiki ring Will start in November this year, a comprehensive renovation project, with new facilities, great location, in order to build more Chinese tourists to experience an unforgettable vacation in Hawaii. " Ring is located in Waikiki Kalakaua (Kalakaua) Golden Road, and Waikiki Beach just across the street, live here all the time guests come to blue sky and white sand beach in the beautiful scenery. Restaurants, business Field, nightclubs and so close, surfboard, beach mat, rubber boats and other recreational facilities are readily available, guests can play at any time to carry out experience. Best of all, elegant Liston Waikiki hotel a unique style ring ring Designed to eliminate the viewing blind, so panoramic city and sea views. Hotel 104 rooms, including City View, Ocean View and overlooking other chamber, all rooms have two double beds, as well as exclusive balcony or veranda, After a day of sightseeing activities, sitting in the balcony, watching the sunset from the open sea calm down slowly, one can not miss experience. According to reports, the renovation project estimated to cost twenty million, will last until March 2011. During the transformation of business as usual, engineering construction program will be used layer by layer, from Monday to Friday 9:00 to 15:00 for full Protection of guests and check the quality of the normal daily routine. After a comprehensive renovation, guests will enjoy the new look of the room comfortable new beds, oak furniture, 32-inch LCD high-definition TV, warm sophisticated lighting, first-class bathroom facilities and an island full of strong Style of the room layout.
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