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Marriage boom in hotels around the lift truck full of good enough
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10, the Harbin city to host the wedding of the hotel almost all full. This reporter learned that, not only that the provincial capital Harbin, the province other cities are also set off a marriage boom.

Daqing: wedding company "battered"

"After the opening ceremony of the wedding car to the Iron Man Square, Times Square photo very much. I am Iron Man Square, the wedding, the couple saw seven or eight. Daqing has a habit of getting married, wedding car is a better brand . As people get married today, particularly, a lot of wedding business are busy doing 'battered'. "said Mr. Liu, who lives in Daqing.

Hegang: married one after the team

"Hegang married much older today, and I am a friend to help people take a pro-3. Early in the morning, in a span bridge, two bridges collapsed and the Chinese way, to get married one by one team. Some often contractor two months before the wedding was a hotel booked. "said Mr. Zhao, who lives in Hegang.

Jiamusi: wedding car good enough anymore

"Guangfu Road this morning, due to too many wedding car, causing a traffic jam sections. A company to work in the wedding friend told me that because too many people getting married today, and some new trucks are forced to 'downgrade' because a good car today was not enough. "Ms. Zhang said, who lives in Jiamusi.

Yichun: In order to hurry around everywhere with the gift

"As early as 2 months ago, I received an invitation that says the pursuit of 'perfect', they will be married in October 10. I also feel that they received very creative, did not think then received 4 invitation, are married today. from yesterday to now, I finally finished with the elements, but did not see a complete wedding. "said Ms. Lu, who lives in Yichun.

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