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Yun Donghai and a person of extraordinary powers give birth to a hotel to sign p
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13 days, company of estate of garden of the East China Sea of 3 water cloud and American a person of extraordinary powers are unripe (autograph of group of management of HOWARDJOHNSON) international hotel is made an appointment with, in Yun Donghai collaboration invests 400 million yuan of build hotel of 5 stars class.

According to introducing, be about to begin construction a person of extraordinary powers of build gives birth to chain hotel, always invest 400 million yuan by garden hotel, also give birth to a hotel 15 of future years to send a person to undertake administrative by American a person of extraordinary powers.

The hotel is located in Yun Donghai street landscape is manorial inside, depend on hill and build, cover an area of 60 thousand 6 1000 square metre, with England ancient fort style gives priority to body, build guest room many 500, predicting meeting offers 1000 more than 1 obtain employment post, built 2010. American a person of extraordinary powers gives birth to international hotel to manage a group to express on behalf of Rui Huaimin, the area of 3 water the advantage is clear, hope hotel can attract the customer of circumjacent city, drive the full-scale development of industry of form a complete set.

Unripe group of American a person of extraordinary powers is registered 1925, it is major manages 3 stars class to reach the company of completely beautiful optimal brand in 5 stars class. The CEN that its parent company is one of 500 strong companies of world - DANT (get the better of vacate) company, own more than 6000 hotel all over the world. Unripe group of a person of extraordinary powers enters China from 1999 up to now, already managed hotel of class of many 30 5 stars in China.

And at present 3 water area already had class of 5 5 stars to the hotel builds or be in build, include hotel of sun of hotel of 3 spray garden, gold (extend) , hotel of Changjiang Delta new developed area, landscape is manorial hotel and green lake hotel, among them garden hotel is devoted already use, golden sun hotel but at year end practice.


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