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Push during economy hotel Olympic Games convenient new politics
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During “ Olympic Games, come loose in order to recieve the economy that the guest gives priority to hotel will shift competitive emphasis to the service. ” yesterday, the personage inside course of study discloses, most economy hotel will be rolled out during the Olympic Games convenient new policy of the tourist.

…… of tourist attraction of characteristic of establishment of service of periphery of place of “ Olympic Games, hotel, Beijing will imprint on tailor-made map, extend freely during the Olympic Games guest. ” yesterday, zhang Ta of COO of group of hotel of Chinese front courtyard introduces, during the Olympic Games, still will roll out the line that includes tourist self-help to visit characteristic of Beijing of Olympic Games place, experience to recommend.

If domestic hotel interlinks market ministry controller to also express, characteristic service will make the window during the Olympic Games. “ will roll out dozen of bag product like the home, design line of Hua Dong travel for the tourist. The place of relevant city is like door inn to will be joined among them. In addition, if also was rolled out on domestic website,for tourist introduction door inn periphery eats, live, of information of travel, amusement board piece, designed different amuse oneself guideline in the light of domestic and international tourist. ”


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