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Travel studies Smith: Price of American hotel room keeps stable
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American economy is stagnant, add oil price to upsurge affecting hotel demand, but is the influence to hotel room price how?

Path hotel and recreational researcher BjornHanson express Pu Huayong, oil price every rise 10% , hotel demand can drop accordingly 0.5% .

However, smith travels research company (SmithTravelResearch) president MarkV.Lomanno expresses, slow down in demand can not cause what hotel room price rises to put delay instantly.

He points out, although can use credit decrease and economic environment not beautiful, but hotel room price did not fall this fact still is invigorating hotel industry.

MarkV.Lomanno expresses, he expects earnings of every usable guest room (RevPAR) won't appear negative growth. RevPAR is hotel course of study determines the industry of guest room accrual is fiducial, undertake differentiating according to the amount of usable guest room.

Additional to hotel course of study a good news is, while the hotel supplies growth, its are growing with the historical standard " of " low end, mr Lomanno expresses.

He points out, a new trend is ferial enter rate bringing higher profit for the hotel. By April, ferial business forehead exceeds 24 billion dollar in the scale in hotel gross income, rise somewhat than the 230 much dollars last year.


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