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One hotel practice takes Wuhan " Olympic Games " say a thing
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With cubic metre of water of ” of “ bird's nest, “ the Olympic Games such as ” indicates the gender builds design to cluster round “ of oneself hotel design ” centrally, one hotel practice takes Wuhan ” of “ Olympic Games says the thing is checked.

Yesterday, industrial and commercial place receives big hill peace the citizen is informed against, say to be located in highway of fierce prosperous friendship the conduct propaganda that there is a lot of writing to the Olympic Games indicates inside the hotel of Wuhan other people of 667 new start business is odd, be suspected of tort.

Peace is industrial and commercial be executed the law personnel immediately undertakes checking to this hotel. The reporter sees, a gules rectangle publicizes this hotel on sheet, cover wrong upper part has “BEIJING2008” and Olympic Games 5 annulus mark, and with oneself hotel the mark is made the same score neat; The image of 5 Fu Wa also duplicates inside above content of page conduct propaganda; Publicizing odd the reverse side, the effect of this hotel pursues be waited for by ” of cubic metre of water of ” of “ bird's nest, “ actually building of sex of Olympic Games mark clusters round centrally.

Execute the law personnel asks this inn uses Olympic Games mark to whether have authorization, to this, this hotel a controller answers, “ this even accredit? Full street is. ”

Execute the law personnel points out its behavior is suspected of tort at once, allot to this hotel on the spot instruct deadline to rectify and reform an announcement, of short duration buckles announce handbill 520, consistent case is investigated.

Hong Shan is industrial and commercial relevant controller introduces substation, according to the State Council " Olympic mark protects byelaw " , without allowing to use Olympic the mark belongs to tort namely, can manage illegal gain 5 times the following amerce; Did not violate earning, highest can be in 50 thousand yuan of amerce.

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