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Hotel: Close " price of admission " fair and reasonable?
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Marriage celebrate a company to call a “ unreasonable ” to collective of ” of “ price of admission, to this, is the hotel how explain? To make clear of backside of ” of “ price of admission collect fees reason, the reporter was interviewed yesterday by marriage celebrate company “ collective to call-over the partial hotel of ” .

Cost entering the arena results from the expenditure such as field, the sources of energy

In interview, caliber of these a few hotels thinks consistently: ” of price of admission of so called “ is cost of expenditure of field, the sources of energy actually. Beijing east the staff member explanation of hotel of Home Lu Mou, collecting fee entering the arena basically is to offset hotel operation cost, because marriage celebrate a company to decorate the spot to the hotel ahead of schedule, can take up the partial field of the hotel. In managing bridal process, what often use also is the equipment of the hotel and establishment. “ marriage celebrates a company to arrive to be able to take a stand afternoon at 3 o'clock to the hotel commonly, also the hotel provides floodlight light. ”

Major public house thinks, marriage celebrate field of company hire hotel while, also brought a series of “ influences and troublesome ” for the hotel. Beijing east another hotel of the road corrected a reporter the view about ” of “ price of admission, “ does not make price of admission then, should make charge of electricity, clean cost. The staff member of this hotel weighs ” , they ever looked for professional electrician to had looked, marriage celebrate a company to want to use lamplight to photograph only resemble waiting for equipment, “ ammeter turns rapidly! She still tells ” the reporter, marriage celebrate a company to put cold firework or cracker inside inn, can cause to the upholstery of the hotel sometimes destroy. Some hotel says phoenix cate market, “ marriage celebrates a company is the space that rents a public house, do oneself business. This hotel explains ” , every time marriage banquet drops off, the broken rubbish on carpet should cost a large number of manpower to clear.

The hotel thinks generally, marriage the action that celebrates a company brought ” of “ recessive loss for the hotel more or less, no matter be charge of electricity, clean cost or depreciation cost, it is necessary that the hotel just feels to collect fees and reasonable.

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