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Laifoshi 17 centuries build settle Moscow reincarnate hotel
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The hotel reachs Laifoshi go vacationing village group will be inside 3 years Moscow instead of building of a 17 centuries a luxurious hotel, make “ Laifoshi diffuse of brand of this Singapore excellent service goes to ” Russia.

The hotel that it signed a by a definite date more than 20 years with Russia ALT group yesterday runs an agreement, with be located in the center of Moscow Luo Cheng of case of the city zone (KitayGorod) the 5 stars class that this building instead has 130 guest room is costly hotel, be in later responsible government.

This hotel denominate is Muscovite Laifoshi hotel (RafflesMoscow) , predict 2011 investment does business.

The state that visits in Moscow endowment politics Wu Zundong and Li Yixian of minister of government affairs of trade the Ministry of Works in feudal China are present witness signing ceremony.

Hotel Suo Dinggao consumes Muscovite Laifoshi guest of a person of extraordinary powers is an object, the area of each guest room is 50 square meter at least, every night room price is amounted to 800 to 1000 dollars.

Want to walk 3 minutes only from here, can arrive at great theater of Lin Gong of Mu of Muscovite red field, Cline and Russia to wait for main tourist attraction. Development still has high-grade and retail store, apartment and other historic building inside limits of a sector of an area, include Napoleon to be in Muscovite former residence and the cathedral of the Othodox Eastern Church of a 18 centuries.

Feiermengtelaifoshi international hotel group (FairmontRafflesHotelInternational) round-the-world development (Europe, middle east, Africa and India) senior vice president · Ka Pulan suffers Zhanmusi when visitting, say, moscow is one of cities with top price of room of whole world hotel, the room price of one evening makes an appointment with big public house of 5 stars class 700 much dollars.

Because Muscovite passenger number year after year increases, the demand to luxurious hotel will rise continuously, because this industry has very good growth potential.

Data shows Muscovite passenger number increased 7.5 % last year, the income of every hotel guest room rose 16 % . Actually, the whole world many hotel group was certain Muscovite business chance, arrive in succession in last few years over there the luxurious hotel with new build.

Ka Pulan says, muscovite Laifoshi the place of the hotel is advantageous, very convenient to tourist and business affairs passenger. On the other hand, russia wealthy businessman to Laifoshi the brand of the hotel also is familiar with very much, alive bound each district enters Laifoshi when the hotel, can choose top class flatlet.


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