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Intercontinental hotel group " circle ground " online pay the market
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Yesterday, have the intercontinental hotel group with maximum amount of global guest room and famous electron to pay electron of provider “ silver-colored couplet to pay a service the company (Chinapay) ” announces jointly, intercontinental hotel group offers the guest that to hold China silver couplet blocks the hotel is booked and online pay a service.

The exclusive collaboration agreement that intercontinental hotel group and silver-colored couplet signed by a definite date two years, hotel of all intercontinental public house that this new service will cover intercontinental hotel group to be in China, imperial crown holiday, holiday hotel and go vacationing the village.

This action was broken former the condition that international hotel accepts Visa, all things to amount to the international credit card such as card to the network assures or pay only in China, inside the territory in becoming first also are exclusive one accepts this locality bank card is online paying international hotel group.

Market latent capacity is breathtaking

It is reported, make intercontinental hotel quicken “ to encircle ground ” China online the consideration that pays the market, it is silver of —— of card of Chinese this locality the hairpin quantity that couplet blocks to had broken through 1.5 billion pieces, intercontinental is pressing hope to its network is booked and pay a system to credit card of 1.5 billion this locality, borrow those who write down card to wait to hold calorie of person to open wide a gate, at present intercontinental hotel group is in the portfolio of 30 % comes from big China area include book on the net wait for online system.

In recent years, chinese online travel books business growth is rapid. The personage inside course of study expresses, 2020, our country will be become the biggest leave the country swim the market, national travel bureau ever released the market to forecast say, predict 2015, domestic travel total number will break up one time, achieve 3 billion person-time. And 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai world rich was met 2010 etc internationally of the activity begin, will pull to generation of Chinese travel economy touch effect.

Intercontinental develops a network this to pay the market, invest resource to shift to an earlier date just about, in advance layout, at present intercontinental has achieved 86 in the hotel of practice of big China area, in build a hotel to have about a hundred.

Area of big China of intercontinental hotel group carries out president Xie Haihua to express, in travel service, the network pays to have significant progress latent capacity especially, to the end of 2006, the disbursement that Chinese online travel reserves the market the forehead is spent had reached 1.5 billion dollar, predicted to be able to reach 15.4 billion dollar 2011.

Brew more mature commerce mode

Silver-colored couplet electron pays Liu Yongchun of general manager of service limited company to express: The collaboration of “ and intercontinental hotel group, made hotel trade the biggest online book a system, will encourage more native land clients to undertake through Internet real time pays. ” Liu Yongchun still thinks, next this one system is OK still block an user to the silver-colored couplet inside global limits outspread, convenient Chinese is searched when overseas travel and reserve a hotel. Current, the dilate that silver-colored couplet is in country and the area such as Japan, Africa, America is very fast.
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