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Group of hotel of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers and article honou
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Start like essence of urban deputy center really

4 big cities of Shanghai one of deputy centers be like urban deputy center really, developing construction in full blast, a collect is high-grade the residence, office building, hotel, commerce at an organic whole large the city synthesis of much trade condition (CityEconomicPolymer)- - article honour international (examine a map) haze Gao Lu and copper plain crossing rises abruptly, add tile to if the essence of deputy center is started,add a brick really.

On June 6, the public houses of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers with famous whole world limited company signs group and line of business of Shanghai Ming Jie buy formally about, the “ below banner of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers 10 thousand beautiful ” brand will first area of settle general Tuo, this makes clear international business organization special value the development perspective that is like deputy center really, this the autograph is the another important sign that is like deputy center materiality to start really about, also make taste honour international goes in the front row that develops like deputy center really. Those who be worth commend is this second autograph arranges a ceremony everything conforms to the principle of simplicity, give an earthquake disaster area economic ceremonial charge subscription, make a person right taste further honour in international development accumulate contained human care is confident.

True so after field of afterwards Xu Jiahui, 5 horn, flowers and trees, 4 big cities of Shanghai in deputy center the last start, regard the town that one place puts only as deputy center virgin land, let a person be full of expect. In Shanghai land resource very rare the core along the line that lack, as “ 10 thousand beautiful the settle of ” brand, what rising abruptly quickly is large synthesis of city of much trade condition- - article honour international, will cause inside and outside of course of study further each attention of square personage.

Article honour international is located in plan like deputy center really inside limits, be located in haze Gao road and copper plain crossing, be apart from core line only one kilometer. 7 lines site establishs orbit communication inside project base, it is project of typical subway upper cover, 7 lines are perforative Jing Ansi, Nanjing on the west the flourishing business circle such as the road, road in sea of the Huaihe River, Xu Jiahui. This project is one of the biggest projects that Shanghai core along the line rolls out this year, total floor area makes an appointment with 700 thousand M2, go up among them floor area makes an appointment with 530 thousand M2. To missing Xu Jiahui, missed the person buy a house of 5 horn field, be like really, perhaps not allow to be missed easily again absolutely.

Article honour the thorough research and development that international expands business to pay attention to a product, assemble numerous international is top-ranking professional group, the product that the program designs accords with market demand, not hesitate on product investment cost, make the human nature of product do one's best that give change, accordingly once the product is rolled out, got the wide attention of the market is mixed chase after ardently hold in both hands. Residence of its first phase this year on May 10 first open quotation, all valence makes an appointment with 21000 yuan / M2, open quotation shows scene of sell like hot cakes namely, ” of the estate on “ net shows two its sales volume already amounted to many 200 inside week, rank whole May town to sell van of a list of names posted up. Visible, in current building city rational with each passing day setting falls, those promotion that pay attention to oneself product character, effort raises a project the building of additional cost dish, it is the test of withstand market. The building of high quality, high additional cost dish, can get customer not only approbate, and the overall promotion that can drive area value, make the development way of prospective estate market.
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