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Economy restaurant development hides risk
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2008, market of the economy that once ran at full speed restaurant should adjust ongoing pace it seems that. On June 12, chinese restaurant association releases " findings report of 2008 China economy restaurant " show, with compared 2006, increase rate of number of inn of before economy restaurant 10 strong start business was 2007 125% , hopeful estimation, 5 years in the guest room number that number of economy restaurant total guest room can exceed restaurant of countrywide star class. But, while economy restaurant horse race encircles the ground, cost rises to drop with rental rate considerably make industry misery.

Data shows, number of inn of practice of before economy restaurant 10 strong companies is 1080, guest room number is 136 thousand, with compared 2006, the increase rate that practice inn counts is 125% , guest room increase rate 123% . The astral practice hotel that is like the home, bright and beautiful river among them has enclothed 29 provinces of the whole nation, municipality and municipality directly under the Central Government.

“ from 2006 134 hotels arrive 2007 266 hotels, if the home has,go more than the growth ” of 100% . If domestic hotel interlinks presiding apparitor Sun Jian to tell a reporter, already opened 33 hotels like the home first quarter this year, in build a hotel to have many 130, very much confidence achieves the goal of 200 hotels this year.

Han Ming of chairman of Chinese restaurant association expresses, conservative in light of, economy restaurant may be inside 10 years, can be achieved or exceed number of guest room of astral class restaurant; If hopeful estimation, 5 years in the guest room number that economy restaurant can exceed restaurant of countrywide star class.

Can deny the huge market latent capacity that economy hotel is in China without the person, but also dare underestimate its potential market risk without the person. Hanming says frankly, 2007, it is economy restaurant a year when invest quick dilate, also be each investment and operation cost a year when rise ceaselessly at the same time. Face cost unbalance of market of ministry of ceaseless ascendant standoff, industry has a few to be anxious. A few orgnaizations that had cast money to perhaps prepare to throw money are exceeding to prospective posture attention.

Cost rises investment of your economy hotel grows considerably, redound period spins, profit is compressed. Average investment compares the economy of new 2007 start business restaurant to grew 18% 2006, the property cost that rent rises on average 29% , the average yearly salary with long inn rises 24% , but, room price rises on average only 13% , enterprise profit space is compressed further, the pay back period of investment also is lengthened accordingly.

Because “ is outspread too fast, major administration qualified personnel and appropriate the property that manage is lacked relatively, this one contradiction restricted economy restaurant further benign development. Especially partial property rented what the price has exceeded economy of economy restaurant operation far to go up 2007 line, the market anticipates the difference with appear certain to what did not come, partial enterprise adjusted the direction of outspread measure and development accordingly 2007. ” Han Ming says.
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